Reference Services Section RSS 2008 Annual Highlights Catalog Use Committee

COMMITTEE: Catalog Use


CHAIRPERSON: Catherine Brown, Amber Meryman, co-chairs

DATES: 6/28/08; 6/30/08


MEMBERS PRESENT: Catherine Brown, Amber Meryman, Teri Oaks Gallaway, Steve Ostrem, Lois White, Tiffany Hebb, Pamela Harpel-Burke (virtual member)

MEMBERS ABSENT: Pamela Morgan, Ed Tallent (both had conflicts and couldn't attend Annual)


OBJECTIVES: To submit proposal for 2009 program "You Got Me, Do You Like Me? Evaluating Next Gen Catalogs" and if approved, proceed with planning.

SUMMARY: Teri Gallaway agreed to serve as co-chair with Catherine Brown as Amber Meryman is leaving the committee. Discussed alternative ideas if program was not approved: annotated bibliography, guideline or web links on catalog usability, interviews with speakers, midwinter discussion, or pre-conference. Also proceeded with program planning if program was approved (room, handouts, liaisons to speakers, content of talks, speaking order, etc).

EVALUATION: At the conference we were able to confirm two co-sponsors, which enabled our program to be accepted as a third RSS program for 2009: MARS Local Systems and Services, and LITA Next Generation Catalog Interest Group.

PROBLEMS: None. Everything went smoothly this conference.