Reference Services Section RSS June 30, 2008 Annual Catalog Use Committee Meeting

RSS Catalog Use
Monday, 6.30.08, 8-10 a.m.

Present: Cathy Brown, Amber Meryman, Teri Oaks Gallaway, Steve Ostrem, Lois White, Tiffany Hebb, Pamela Harpel-Burke

Cathy brought cookies to thank members leaving the committee ;-)

We discussed programs we attended that relate to our topic.
- One thing that came up (from us, not the programs?) was that we don't think college-age students really use tagging, or things like Second Life, very much. Who are we really building these things for?

The MARS Local Systems & Services Committee agreed to co-sponsor, as did the LITA NGC interest group.

ALA is instituting a 50% rule - changing rules about when programs can be held. No more than 50% of any sections' programs can be held during the Sat/Sun 10:30 and 1:30 time blocks.

In the Program description, it was requested that we remove the name of any specific products. It was also suggested that we make sure the speakers are not going to say really bad things about any specific products, such as what happened in 2003.

Program planning

  • Have one of our speakers talk about what they do with the results -- changes in instruction, cataloging practice, or just interface design?
  • Plant questions in the audience
  • Have a committee member be in charge of the A/V & technology stuff -- and we should ask for internet capability, even if we don’t necessarily need it
  • Size of the room? 350-400 people -- Co-sponsoring w/ LITA NGCIG will increase #
  • Handouts -- bibliography, or at least links to wiki, with bibliography there?

Options if not approved

  • Annotated bibliography
  • Pre-conference appeal?
  • Widgets tutorial we talked about after Midwinter
  • Ask the speakers what they think if not approved -- interested in pre-conference? online interviews, etc.

Post-meeting update

  • The Annual 2009 Program was approved, proposed for Sunday @ 4 pm!