Reference Services Section RSS June 28 2008 Annual Catalog Use Committe Minutes

RSS Catalog Use Committee
Saturday, 6.28.08, 9-10:30 a.m.

Present: Cathy Brown, Amber Meryman, Teri Oaks Gallaway, Steve Ostrem, Lois White

We went over the roster, and who was leaving the committee. We agreed that Teri would become co-chair or vice-chair for 2008-2009.

Everyone shared other programs of interest, related to the catalog, and specifically next-gen catalogs.

Annual 2009 Program -

We will not know until Monday or Tuesday if it was accepted. RSS has only two slots for programs, but often other RUSA sections do not take all of theirs, so that RSS can have more than two.

Having a co-sponsor, especially from another RUSA section, will help, and Cathy has been actively pursuing other committees -- most recently the MARS Products & Services committee, who suggested the MARS Local Systems & Services Committee, which say they're interested.

If program is not approved, alternate ideas -

  • A bibliography on usability and the catalog, esp. next-gen catalogs -- has anything been done?
  • Guidelines/recommendations for usability
  • Web links
  • Interviews with speakers
  • Midwinter discussion program -- would this work?

If program is approved -

Liaisons to speakers:
Cody Hanson - Lois
Ross Shanley-Roberts - Steve
Eli Neiburger - Teri

Cody could hopefully cover the basics of usability?

Room, set-up and equipment, etc. (talked about more on Monday)

  • We have $50 for handouts
  • Evaluation forms, etc. -- already have list from Midwinter discussion, on wiki