2004 Annual Conference Meeting Minutes

COMMITTEE = Catalog Use


CHAIRPERSON = Cindy Levine (outgoing),  Anne Moore (incoming)

DATES = June 26 and 28, 2004

EMAIL = annem@library.umass.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:
June 26: Anne Moore, Steven Vest, Cindy Levine, Ann Jerabek, Laura Zupko, Liane Luckman
June 28: Anne Moore, Lisa Romero, Cindy Levine, Ann Jeraback, Laura Zupko, Liane Luckman

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent:
June 26: Sandra Ballasch, Lisa Romero
June 28: Sandra Ballasch, Steven Vest

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = 1. Conduct discussion session at Annual 2004 titled "Approaches to Explaining the Catalog in Reference and Instruction" on Sunday, June 27 to generate ideas for future programs and attract new committee members.
2. Review and update committee charge as necessary.
3. Understand new section structure and establish/maintain our role within it.
Future goals:
4. Appoint 3-6 new members as many members are rotating off in the next 2 years.
5. Plan a program for Annual 2006.

SUMMARY = (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided)
1. Committee members completed final preparations for the discussion forum "Approaches to Explaining the Catalog in Reference and Instruction" at the first meeting and then assigned post-session activities at the second meeting. These included sending thank you letters to table facilitators and their supervisors, transcribing the table notes, organizing the table notes into main concepts, transcribing the 3 main points shared with the entire room, and posting all of this to the RSS website.
2. The committee reviewed our charge and decided that it is broad enough as currently written ("catalogs in all forms") to encompass other types of electronic tools in libraries. We will re-examine it again at Midwinter 2005.
3. We discussed calling for new members at the discussion session as we need to add 3-6 new members in the next year.
4. We want to get as many of our old minutes onto the RSS website as possible. We do not know why they are not posted as we submitted them.
5. We discussed topics for a future program (possibly Annual 2006) and decided on cooperation between reference librarians and catalogers. We will begin exploring this topic in greater detail.

EVALUATION = Excellent.

PROBLEMS = We were caught off-guard by a proposed re-write to our charge just before ALA, but this was tabled to provide the committee the opportunity to discuss it at Annual and Midwinter 2005. These conversations began at Annual 2004.

RECOMMENDATIONS = None at this time.