MOUSS Catalog Use Committee

One-Stop Metasearch Tools: Friendly Time Saver or Confusing Quagmire?
Sunday, June 22, 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Metro Toronto Convention Centre 206A/B

Co-sponsors: RUSA/MOUSS Catalog Use Committee and ALCTS Networked
Resources and Metadata Committee

What do library users think of one-stop metasearch tools? These companions to the OPAC are being developed to save users time by searching multiple information sources simultaneously. The hope and promise is that such tools will simplify information retrieval through a single integrated search interface. This program examines metasearch benefits and pitfalls from the perspective of users and public service librarians in three different institutions.

Ed Tallent (, Boston College Libraries
One-Stop Metasearch Tools: Friendly Time Saver or Confusing Quagmire?
Boston College was an early implementer of MetaLib and is planning to migrate to the newest version. In this context, Ed Tallent, Head of Reference and Instructional Services, O'Neill Library, will discuss how students approach their research, how they select which library resources to use and how MetaLib fits into this process.

James Jackson-Sanborn ( and Josh Boyer (, North Carolina State University Libraries
MultiSearch @ NCSU: User Perspectives
James Jackson-Sanborn, Digital Library Initiatives, Asst. Dept. Head/Metadata Architect, and Josh Boyer, Reference Librarian for Distance Learning, will discuss how the homegrown NCSU MultiSearch tool evolved through several stages of user feedback.

Maggie Ressel (, University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
Maggie Ressel, Reference Librarian, will discuss the plans and hopes that led to the purchase of MetaLib at the University of Nevada, as well as the technical to organizational challenges they encountered when seeking to customize it to meet user needs.