2008 Midwinter Minutes

COMMITTEE: Catalog Use Committee


CHAIRPERSON:  Amber Meryman & Cathy Brown, co-chairs

DATES: January 13, 2008

EMAIL: ameryman@copyright.com

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cathy Brown, Teri Gallaway, Tiffany Hebb, Amber Meryman, Pam Morgan, Steve Ostrem, Ed Tallent, Loisann Dowd White

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Greg Padilla, Jeannie Colson, Linda Lee Thompson, Pamela K. Harpel-Burke

VISITORS: about 45-50 for the Discussion Session

The objective for the discussion session was to facilitate conversation and learning in a variety of topic areas, relating to the Catalog and/or emerging Discovery Tools.

In the first Catalog Use meeting, we planned for the Discussion Session, and discussed the topics ourselves, as all members were to serve as facilitators.

The Discussion Session itself went well, and attracted about 45-50 people. The topics were: Pushing the catalog out to users (personalization features, such as RSS feeds, Firefox extensions, Facebook apps, PDAs, etc.), Alternate discovery tools (when it's not the catalog: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Book Search, WorldCat, federated search, etc.), and Assessment and usability (for information seeking behaviors: different age groups, in the context of the catalog). The topics addressed and results will be posted later. Overall, however, participants were most interested in utilizing widgets (how to, how to promote, how to assess) and in usability studies of the catalog and other discovery tools.

Our Monday meeting we spent discussing the session and the results, and incorporating them into a plan for a proposed Annual 2009 program.

It seemed to be a very successful discussion session. The evaluation forms are still being tabulated, but overall they were very positive.