2005 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Catalog Use



DATES = Saturday, June 25, 2005; Monday, June 27, 2005

EMAIL = annem@library.umass.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present: Anne C. Moore (chair), Liane Rae Luckman, Catherine M. Brown, Bao-Chu Chang, Pamela K. Harpel - Burke, Judy Ann Jerabek, Amber J. Meryman, Gregory Alan Padilla, Lisa A. Romero, Steven Vest, Hing C. Wu, Laura Zupko     

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: Christine D. Giannoni (both, Lisa A. Romero (Saturday))

VISITORS = Visitors: Catherine Brown, incoming member.

OBJECTIVES = Approval of revision of charge; gain approval for and plan program for annual 2006; discuss future projects.

SUMMARY =       Welcomed 1 new member (Catherine Brown); said goodbye to 2 members who are rotating off after this conference (Steven Vest and Sandra Ballasch); had 2 members resign after this conference (Christine Giannoni and Lisa Romero). RSS Organization and Planning Committee reviewed and slightly revised the draft charge revision, which was then approved by RSS Executive Committee on Saturday, June 25. It reads: To focus on the use of catalogs and related emerging technologies in reference services, including: monitoring significant continuities and changes; identifying and examining critical issues; and providing a forum for discussion of innovations.

Catalog Transformed: From Traditional to Emerging Models of Use (joint program with RUSA/MARS User Access to Services Committee for Annual 2006 New Orleans) program planning:
o       Approved by RUSA/RSS Executive Committee on Saturday, June 25 for 1:30-3:30 p.m. Sunday time slot.
o       MARS Exec also approved the program and co-sponsorship with RUSA/MARS User Access to Services Committee. It will be a major joint-sponsored program.
o       Format to change from round table, workshop for 200 to panel presentation and audience Q&A for 300.
o       Catalog Use in consultation with Bryna Coonin (Chair of RUSA/MARS User Access to Services Committee) on Monday, June 27 continued planning the program. It will consist of an overview of models of integrating the catalog, e-journal locator, and database list into a single interface (ways catalogs are being transformed) followed by questions to panel on usability and instruction. Maintain focus on users rather than technologies/products.
o       The Committee prepared a descriptive paragraph and questions for the panelists during the Monday meeting.
o       Prepare a bibliography of relevant sources.

Future projects:
o       Interactive discussion at Midwinter 2007 Seattle to allow small groups to develop ideas that emerge from the Catalog Transformed program
o       Develop Catalog Use Web site
o       Bibliography of materials related to catalog use issues

EVALUATION = Outstanding. Attendance was very high. Everyone was focused and we accomplished all of our goals.

PROBLEMS = None during conference.
Liane Luckman is still listed as chair for2005-2006 on the Catalog Use Web site, but it should be Anne C. Moore as chair for 2005-2006.

RECOMMENDATIONS = Need a larger room. The open house and refreshments were really nice, particularly for those who had to stay all morning. It makes us look like a classy section, which we are. The current and future officers are efficient and committed.