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ETS is the Emerging Technologies Section of the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association and represents the interests of those concerned with attaining the highest possible quality in planning, developing, managing, teaching, or conducting all forms of computer-based reference and information services in libraries.

Primarily, the content of  ETS-L will be similar to the content of the "Messages from MARS" Column in RUSA Update and will include such items as:

  • Comments from the ETS Chair and other current, outgoing, and incoming officers;
  • Annual Conference Meeting Plans and Roster;
  • Annual Conference Program Details and Report;
  • Annual Conference Executive Committee Summary;
  • Annual Conference Committee Reports;
  • Midwinter Meeting Plans and Roster;
  • Midwinter Meeting Executive Committee Summary;
  • Midwinter Meeting Committee Reports;
  • ETS Nominating Committee Report;
  • additional ETS business such as achievement awards, proposals, announcements, calls for information, and other items.

Since not all MARS members have Internet access, the "Messages from MARS" Column in Reference and User Services Quarterly will continue to provide information and news about MARS activities. News items from the "Messages from MARS" Column will be posted on  ETS-L.

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We hope ETS members as well as ETS committee chairs and members and other interested individuals will play an active role in the development of this list, one of a growing number of lists started by various sections and divisions of ALA.

ETS is interested in your questions, comments and suggestions about this list. Please direct questions and comments about ETS-L to the ETS-L List Moderators. Thanks!