USAC Meeting Mintues, 2007 Midwinter Meeting

Sunday January 21, 2007, 8:00-10:00 AM

Westin Grand Br III


Present: Bryna Coonin (East Carolina U), Cynthia Crosser (U of Maine), Chris LeBeau

(U of Missouri Kansis City), Naomi Lederer (Colorado State), Dianna McKellar (U of Delaware)


Visitors: Helene LaFrance (Santa Clara U), Marilyn Ochoa (U of Florida), Niyati Pandya

(U of Maryland), Nicole Scholtz (library school student, U of Michigan).


I.            Introduced members of the committee and visitors.


II.            Minutes:

There are no minutes to approve from ALA Annual 2006 in New Orleans. MARS UASC co-sponsored the program Catalog Transformed: From Traditional to Emerging Models of Use with the RSS Catalog Use Committee for ALA Annual in New Orleans.   This program was held during our scheduled meeting time.  

III.          Brief Report from ExCom I (Bryna): 

The co-chairs will be working on the section committee five-year report, which is being done in conjunction with the MARS Section Review.

IV.         Old Business:  

We discussed the status of our paper "An Exploration of the Working Relationship between Systems/IT and Reference/Information Services,"that is coming out in RUSA Q this summer.   We also discussed the history of the paper for the benefit of our visitors.

V.            New Business:   

Future Projects-We brainstormed ideas for new projects.   Numerous ideas were suggested including reference librarians as mediators between users and vendors, usability testing of library web sites, best practices for web sites, the relationship between librarians and scholar Google, and catalog taxonomies vs. folksonomies.

People were asked to come up with specific titles for programs and send them together with a description and short bibliography to Bryna who will post them on our wiki at Megan's site.


             We asked Shannon (MARS Web Coordinator) about archiving possibilities.


Adjournment – 10:00 AM


Respectfully submitted,


Cynthia Crosser and Bryna Coonin, January 2007