MARS User Access to Services Committee Membership Minutes San Antonio 2006

Minutes of the MARS User Access to Services Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, San Antonio, TX
Sunday January 22, 2006, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (HCB) Room 008A
Present: Bryna Coonin, Cynthia Crosser, Chris LeBeau, Naomi Lederer, Marilyn Ochoa, Rob Withers, Julie Wood
Visitors: Linda Keiter (MARS Ex Comm liaison), Anne Moore (RSS Catalog Use Committee), Janifer Holt (Dartmouth College), Yang Li (St. Charles Community College).
I. Introduced members of the committee and visitors.
II. Approval of minutes from Annual 2005 -- the minutes were approved.
III. Brief report from ExComm I (Bryna and Cynthia)
IV. Old Business:
  Anne Moore from RSS Catalog Use Committee visited with us to discuss plans for the upcoming program we are co-sponsoring with them, on Sunday, June 25, 2006 in New Orleans. Speakers are set, discussion questions for the panelists are being developed. MARS UASC will also assist with publicity/handouts as needed.
V. New Business:
  Current Projects
  • Update from Chris on the literature review.
    Chris provided copies of the draft literature review for feedback.
  • Update from Bryna on the mailing list:
    The mailing list work has been distributed. Pat Reakes is the keeper of the database and will work with everyone to try to get that wrapped up in February.
  • Discussion of IRB process:
    Bryna will complete IRB process on her campus as soon as possible and make the expedited/waiver available to the rest of the committee. Doing the IRB is entirely up to the individual and the requirements of their institution. Let Bryna know what you need to complete the process at your shop.
  • Suggestions for survey:
    1. Putting in a success question -- asking for suggestions about making the Systems/Reference relationship work from respondents who are doing well with it. Thus far our questions assume there are problems. We decided to add a success question.
    2. Sending out the survey on a Tuesday/Wednesday and letting it remain available for two weeks. We agreed to do this.
    3. Testing on colleagues at institutions that are not on the final list. We agreed to do this.
  • Discussion of survey analysis and writing of paper:
    1. Chris will send out the lit review electronically after Midwinter. Once the survey is finalized we will turn attention to the literature review and begin working on the introduction and methodology. We will try to have these worked out before the survey results come in.
    2. The members of MARS UASC very much want to get this wrapped up by e-mail so we will not need a working meeting at Annual 2006. This will allow most of us to attend the Catalog Use program we are co-sponsoring.
  Future Projects
Public libraries were included in our panel presentation at Annual in Orlando but not included in our survey -- may want to do a Part Two of the study. Bryna will contact Carol Strickland from the MARS Public Libraries Committee and explore this possibility. The experience of doing our survey this spring will help make a Part Two much easier.
VI. Announcements:
  Naomi Lederer has just had a book published: “Ideas for Librarians Who Teach.” Scarecrow Press is the publisher. ISBN 08108521
VI. Adjournment -5:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin, February  2006