MARS User Access to Services Committee Membership Minutes Boston 2005

Minutes of the MARS User Access to Services Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA
Saturday January 15, 2005
Present: Bryna Coonin, Cynthia Crosser, Chris LeBeau, Jane Rutherford, Steven Vest, Julie Wood. Visitor: Megan Johnson (Appalachian State University)
I. Welcome and introductions
II. Reappointments
If you are eligible to re-appointment, please think about whether you would like to remain on the UASC. (Cynthia and Chris indicated that they would like to be reappointed. Cynthia agreed to become Co-Chair with Bryna, as Jane rotates off at Annual.)
III. Discussion of our Program at Annual
(I am here reproducing extracts from Jane's excellent, detailed notes):
  1. Speakers. The panelists are:
  • Dennis Newborn, West Virginia University, Head of Library Systems
  • Mary Ellen Spencer, Virginia Commonwealth, Head of Research and Reference
  • Karim Adib, Chicago Public Library, Director of Library Automation
  • Craig David, Chicago Public Library, Director of Adult Services
  2. Timing. The program is 90 minutes. We are estimating about:
  • 10 minutes for administrative things, such as welcome, introductions.
  • 20 minutes (5 minutes for each panelist) to talk about their interest or perspective in the topic.
  • 20 minutes for questions from the audience
  • 15 minutes for wrap-up and overflow from other segments of the program
  3. Coordinator. Bryna will be the coordinator for the speakers.  She will communicate with them about when they should arrive, expectations and questions they might get, thank yous, etc
  4. Moderator/Timekeeper. Patrick Reakes volunteered to do this, and since he was not at the meeting to protest, his offer was happily accepted by the committee. In addition to introducing the program (topic, format, etc.) and introducing the speakers, Patrick will try to politely keep the panels within the allotted time we are giving them.
  Advertising. Jane will do a draft that can be used for our web page as well as announcements to electronic discussion groups.  We decided that paper advertising would not be worth the effort. We did not set a deadline, but I am aiming for April 15 to have a draft ready to send you. The electronic discussion groups we identified were:
  • Collib (Steven will post)
  • WEb4Lib (Bryna)
  • Publib (Bryna)
  • Libref (Jane)
  • Mars-L (Jane)
  • Diglib (Chris)
  • LITA (Megan Johnson)
  • Some additional tech-related ones--ideas welcome
  • Other groups?
  Handouts. Jane will also prepare these, including panelist bios, suggest reading and our web page address for further information. She will also get them copied at the ALA offices before the program.
  • Patrick has started compiling a bibliography.  The rest of the committee agreed to look for article and sent the info to him so we can do a brief list of suggested readings. The deadline we set for this was May 1. We may do a longer bibliography for our web site.
  Pastries/coffee. As many of the committee members as possible will meet with the panelists before the program (so we are talking 7:30 or so) for coffee and pastries.  There are two purposes for this: first, to provide a little reward to the panelists (and committee members) for the hard work, and second, to ensure that panelists and the committee are "on time" for the program. We are waiting until we know where the program will be and then someone yet to be determined will make arrangements for a place to have coffee and pastries.
  Deadlines for various things.  Bryna will be responsible for this. This includes any room or equipment needs or changes, deadlines for info from the panelists so handouts can be produced, etc.
  Description of the program. The program title remains "Do you trust your IT staff? Do they trust you?"  I already submitted the change to ALA.  We looked at the description and modified it as follows (modification in italic):
  • Whose computers are these, anyway? IT staff and public services librarians often have very differing views on this. Can we find a reasonable compromise when critical user access issues (such as authentication) are involved? How can we work together to balance the needs of the institution to protect its resources and manage its assets with the users' need for access and privacy. This will be a dialog between IT staff and public services librarians representing both academic and public libraries.
  Evaluation. Barbara and Jane will work on this. Jane will get the RUSA/MARS model evaluation and then Barbara and Jane can revise as desired. I will aim for April 1to get the model from RUSA/MARS and for May 1to have the final evaluation form designed. I will copies of these made at the ALA office in Chicago before the program, as with the handouts.
IV. Committee meeting scheduled for Annual
  The committee WILL meet at Annual, on Sunday June 26, 2005 from 4:00-5:30 p.m., location TBA. We will want to briefly discuss the program from the daybefore, and make concrete plans for the article we want to write on this topic. We will have some email discussions of this prior to Annual
Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin, 11/23/04