MARS User Access to Services Committee Membership Minutes Orlando 2004

Minutes of the MARS User Access to Services Committee
ALA Annual Meeting, Orlando Florida
Saturday June 26, 2004
Present: Bryna Coonin, Cynthia Crosser, Chris Desai, Barbara LaGodna, Patrick Reakes, Jane Rutherford, Steven Vest
I. Welcome and introductions
Chris Desai is rotating off the committee, but would like to be kept apprised of our activities by e-mail.
II. Report from EXComm meeting (Jane)
Interviews for MARS Web Coordinator and Publicity person are underway. Announcements were made of other MARS programs going on at this conference.
III. Meeting time
The regular meeting time for this committee used to be Sunday afternoons. Members have had meeting conflicts recently because this meeting has drifted to Saturday. We agreed to return to Sunday afternoons.
IV. Web updates
Cynthia is working on our web page. The areas we'd like represented on our section web site (minimally) are:
  Committee meeting information (noting that meetings are open)
  Minutes from our meetings
  Information about volunteering for service
  Contact information
  How to subscribe to MARS-L
V. Discussion of upcoming discussion group ideas
  This discussion was somewhat wide-ranging, but the prevailing theme of it was the relationship between the IT staff and public service staff. "Whose computers are these, anyway?" Each "side" looks at issues such as authentication, time-outs, and login-in procedures, somewhat differently. A discussion group panel would allow a discussion of how to navigate the spectrum of views from "complete open access to complete lockdown."
  Next steps: Jane takes the proposal to ExComm [Note: It was at this EXComm meeting that it was suggested we do this a larger program at Annual in Chicago, rather than as the smaller discussion in Boston in Midwinter.]
  Patrick will begin a literature review that might serve as a handout, or as the basis of a literature review for an article, if we move in that direction later on. Please send any relevant sites to him, and copy the rest to us.
Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin, 11/23/04