Products and Services Committee Minutes 2004

RUSA MARS Products & Services Committee
ALA Midwinter Convention: San Diego, California
Sat., June 26, 2004 COURTYARD Orlando International Drive (Room A)
Sun. June 27, 2004 JW Marriott Grande Lakes (Del Lago 1)

2-4 p.m.


Present: Van Houlson (Chair), Dianna McKellar, Roleeta Nandan, Deb Bezanson, Jue Wang, Marina Salcedo

Absent: Katherine Downton, Lanette Hart, Steve Ostrem, Leslie Dillon

1. Call to Order and introductions: the committee welcomes a new member Marina Salcedo, Assistant University Librarian at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Review of roster and reminder that terms switch off at annual.

2. Approval of minutes for San Diego 2004 Midwinter Meeting (June 26)

3. Announcements and Reports

Van Houlson, will serve as Chair for 2004-2005. The Committee recognizes Deb Bezanson for her leadership as past chair and mentorship role.

Report from Chair on Friday meeting of MARS Executive Committee
* Ex Comm continues to review webmaster issues and development of RUSA server for MARS web pages.
* Review of discussion forum versus programs. Forums do not generally have formal presentations and can utilize more interactive formats like breakout tables.
* Program ideas for Annual 2005 must be submitted by the end of this month. There is an official form that gets submitted to RUSA on the web. This means any program our committee wishes to do for Annual (either on our own or with another committee) requires advanced planning.
* Our committee needs to decide on a Midwinter 2005 forum topic and report back to Ex Comm on Monday or Tuesday

Report from Chair on MARS Hot Topics session Saturday: Products like TDNet are eresource management tools for online serial content. Vendors like Serial Solutions, ExLibries, Ebsco, and Endeavor are industry leaders. Online journal content is scattered across publisher web sites, database aggregators, and open web sources. Serial management tools help libraries integrate these links into their online catalogs.

4. Communication and committee business.

Should other ways of communication be introduced to facilitate more discussion among members? Blogs are becoming popular means for groups to have discussions. Shared readings were also mentioned as a means for more professional involvement. Generally committee members are satisfied using email.

5. Forum discussion ideas.

Committee members reviewed suggestions of forum topics listed on the evaluation forms from Midwinter. Members brainstormed and identified a list of possible forum topics then voted on 3 topics to identify those having the most interest. The list of topics gaining the most votes included:
(1) Googlization of online databases
(2) Newspaper content from online vendors
(3) Wireless technology and laptops in the library

Other topics included:

* D-space and pre-publication/reprint digital archives that allow institutions to determine access rights for content created by their authors.

* Streaming audio, video, and instructional content from commercial vendors

* Information technology literacy issues

* Eresources management tools (TDNet, SFX, Serial Solutions)

* Blogs and Wikis

* Point of use reference services such as mobile librarians and wireless in the classroom

The committee selected issues pertaining to newspaper content and wanted to include film to digital scanning technology. Duplication of newspaper content is growing as libraries subscribe to print, online, and microfilm versions of the same titles.

Online vendors might explain how they select newspapers and what content they include or exclude. What is the future of digital content and will it replace microfilm? Proquest has introduced digital versions of major papers (New York Times) that have searchable content such as classified ads and graphics.

Do vendors have solutions to the lost content from that Tasini decision? What is the relationship between the vendors and newspaper publishers in terms of content and indexing? Which editions get covered? Why don't publishers or vendors create back vaults of content? Online newspapers

Committee members targeted possible online newspaper vendors: Proquest, LexisNexis, Factiva, Newsbank and Gale. A local newspaper publisher in Boston and a scanning technology vendor will also be considered as forum participants.

6. Adjournment on Sunday, June 27, 2004