MARS Achievement Recognition Certificate Committee

Committee Charge

The charge of the MARS Achievement Recognition Certificate Committee is to recognize excellence in service to MARS...[for] (1) sustained contributions toward attaining the goals of MARS, or (2) a single, significant contribution that has resulted in a positive impact upon the work of the section." Nominations are typically accepted year-round with a recipient chosen at Midwinter's Conference. Current roster .

Specific duties include soliciting nominations for and selecting the recipient(s) of the MARS Achievement Recognition Certificate.

Recipients include:


Linda Kieter

2011 Recipient

Kathleen Kern

Kathleen Kern headshot

2010 Recipient

 Carole Pilkinton

 Carole Pilkinton headshot

2009 Recipient

 Mary Popp

  Mary Popp headshot

2008 Recipient

Leilani Freund

Leilani Freund headshot

2007 Recipient 

Doris Ann Sweet

photo: doris ann sweet  

2006 Recipient

Elliot Kanter

photo: elliot kanter

2005 Recipient

Bill McHugh

photo: bill mchugh  

2004 Recipient
Linda Friend
image holder

Photo Not Available
2003 Recipient

Denise Bennett
photo: denise bennett

2002 Recipient
Amy Tracy Wells
Amy Tracy Wells headshot
2001 Recipient
Nancy Bodner

image holder
Photo Not Available 
2000 Recipient
Carol Tobin
  image holder

Photo Not Available
1998 Recipient
Peter Watson-Boone
image of peter watson-boone

1997 Recipient

  Kathleen Kluegel

image of kathleen kluegel

1999 Recipient

 Patricia Reisenman

image of patricia reisenman

1997 Recipient

Bernie Pasqualini
image holder

Photo Not Available
1996 Recipient
Pamela Sieving

Pamela Sieving headshot
1995 Recipient

Becki Whitaker

image space holder

Photo Not Available
1994 Recipient

  Andy Hansen

image of andy hansen

1994 Recipient











































If you are interested in the work of this committee, please complete a RUSA Online Volunteer Form.