2009-2010 Goals, Strategies, and Objectives

1) Explore ways to reaffirm MARS' unique identity and mission

Explore how MARS' unique identity--as the RUSA section focused on delivering quality reference services using cutting edge technologies--can best be supported in today's environment, based on a review of the recommendations of  the MARS Planning Committee's sub-committee studying the future of MARS. [RUSA Objective 1, 3, 4]

2) Update/enhance the MARS Web site

 Following migration of MARS Web content to the ALA new Content Management system, it is vitally important that the Section renew its efforts to establish a current,  engaging, and content-rich Web presence in order to attract new members, enable MARS members to conduct the work of the Section, and provide content to the profession at large. To achieve this goal, recommendations regarding the Web site proposed by the Publications Committee and approved by the Executive Committee prior to the latest migration need to be reviewed and implemented or revised as appropriate. [RUSA Objective 1, 2, 4, 5]

3) Continue efforts to revitalize recruitment

Continue and expand the efforts in place to revitalize the MARS recruitment program in order to ensure the long-term viability of MARS.

[RUSA Objective 5]

4) Expand virtual committee membership and explore virtual programming opportunities

To promote equity of access for members facing physical or fiscal restraints, MARS should promote increased member participation by expanding opportunities for virtual committee membership and by exploring ways to offer additional virtual programming opportunities to the membership at large.  [RUSA Objectives 2, 3 and 5]

5) Promote continuing education

Based on recommendations of the Continuing Education Task Force, work toward the establishment of a MARS-sponsored reference technology "101  online course offered through RUSA. [RUSA Objective 1]

6) Continue work on establishing a Section Archive.

Continue the work begun by previous Chairs to establish an archive for Section documents, including the transfer of data to a digital format. Without an archive in place and established procedures for maintaining it,  MARS institutional history cannot be maintained. [RUSA Objective 4]