2008-2009 Goals, Strategies, and Objectives

1) Recruitment

Analyze and implement suggestions offered by Outreach Committee to revitalize MARS recruitment program. For an organization to be vital and relevant, it must attract new members while retaining current members. MARS is involved in the newest technological innovations in reference service. It must have a membership dedicated to fostering their expertise in these fields to our colleagues. [RUSA Objective 5]

2) Archives

An institutional history must be maintained for MARS. Explore the possibility of transferring data to digital format. [RUSA Objective 4]

3) Virtual Meetings

As library budgets tighten, MARS should explore more opportunities for virtual meetings and conferences. This would allow more equity of access and promote participation in MARS. [RUSA Objectives 2, 3 and 5]

4) Continuing Education

MARS needs to follow up on the recommendations made by the Continuing Education Task Force. Explore whether there should be a “reference tech 101” online course every year. [RUSA Objective 1]

5) Assessment

Following the successful SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) assessment at Midwinter 2008, plan for future assessments. [RUSA Objective 4]