RUSA MARS 2002 Preconference

RUSA/MARS 2002 Preconference:
Digital Reference @ Your Library
Atlanta, Friday, June 14, 2002
Sheraton Atlanta (Downtown) / Capitol North
8:00am - 5:00pm

Sponsored by Ex Libris; IBSI LiveAssistance; OCLC; 24/7 Reference; VRD; and RUSA


Keynote Speakers

  • R. David Lankes, Director of the Information Institute of Syracuse (IIS); assistant professor at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies
  • Sara Weissman, Reference Librarian, Morris County Library, Whippany, NJ
  • Bernie Sloan, Senior Library Information Systems Consultant, University of Illinois Office for Planning and Budgeting

Choosing and Planning Your Model

  • "Five Models of Live Digital Reference"
    Presenter: Sam Stormont. Five models explain different approaches to providing live reference service. Will your choice be Basic, Homegrown, Advanced, Collaborative, Corporate?

Digital Reference in Practice I: Taking the Plunge

  • "Digitally Yours: E-Reference at the National Library of Canada"
    Presenter: Nicolas Savard. The integration of a range of digital reference services with traditional reference models., including a bilingual reference network, chat service, and collaboration on a national cultural Web portal.
  • "Getting Real with E-Reference: QuestionPoint Works for You."
    Presenter: Diane Kresh, Director, Public Service Collections, Library of Congress. Development of the QuestionPoint program, highlighting its key features and covering the LC/OCLC relationship in building QuestionPoint for libraries; lessons learned, especially national library perspectives; emerging standards and best practices; where we go from here in developing a suite of reference tools and services for librarians


Digital Reference in Practice II: Some Options for Using the Tools

  • "Integrating a New Service"
    Presenters: Diana Sachs, Digital Librarian, Main Library and Susan Herzog, Manager, Information Services, Main Library, The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg Co., Charlotte, NC. From start to finish in one year, here are the highlights of experiences with testing and choosing a software system for digital reference. Also covered will be competencies & expectations in the staff who monitor the service, promotion of the service including the Web page, and technical support and maintenance. "Roadmap to Going Live with Synchronous Digital Reference", Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenberg County NC
  • "Chat on a Shoestring: RAKIM"
    Presenter: Rob Casson, Miami University, Oxford, OH. Is there an alternative to expensive software or software without many desirable features? A development alternative using open source chat software will be described

What Do We Know (And Should We Know?) about Digital Reference Customers?: Learning About and Assessing Service

  • "Setting the Standards in Digital Reference: Defining Quality and Performance Measures"
    Presenter: R. David Lankes
  • "Access & Identity in E-Reference: Social Issues in the Design & Provision of Services"
    Presenter: Linda Klimczyk, Information Technologies, Penn State University Libraries. Social issues that we are sensitive to in face to face reference interactions don’t disappear when we go online. Technology is not neutral and the choices we make in the selection and design of e-services may advantage some and disadvantage or discourage others.
  • "Exploring the Digital Reference Interview: It's Still Okay To Answer a Question With a Question."
    Presenters: Matthew R. Marsteller, Physics and Math Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University and Danianne Mizzy, Public Services Librarian, University of Pittsburgh. Is the digital reference environment only suited to short answer questions? Do patrons have the patience for a real reference interview? The presenters will answer these questions with highlights of their analysis of digital reference transcripts from Carnegie Mellon University.

Lunch and product demonstrations sponsored by Ex Libris; IBSI LiveAssistance; OCLC; 24/7 Reference; and VRD

Digital Reference in Practice III: Reference in "Real Time"

  • "VR Interactive"
    A lively practicum with Sara Weissman. Bring your favorite stumpers, tricky issues, and funny stories about serving a virtual population.

Who's Staffing this [Digital] Place, Anyway?

  • "Virtual Reference, Real Staff"
    Presenters: Lisa R. Horowitz, Digital Reference Coordinator, and Sarah G. Wenzel, Reference Coordinator, Humanities Library, MIT Libraries. How can we staff our reference services most efficiently and effectively to reach the most library users, without new resources to manage and staff new services such as online real-time chat? Join us to consider the issues involved in integrating digital reference into a comprehensive vision of reference services.
  • "Becoming Elastic: Training & Staffing Models for Chat Reference Service"
    Presenters: M. Kathleen Kern and David Ward, University of Illinois at Urbana. The presentation will emphasize training librarians, graduate students, and paraprofessional staff for online reference; using evaluation of the online reference interview to improve service quality at all service points; collecting user feedback; and training staff to balance the addition of online reference with existing service points.


Digital Reference in Practice IV: One Key can be Collaboration

What's Next? The Technological and Programmatic Futures of Digital Reference.

Please contact the Co-Chairs for further information:
Linda Friend for speakers and posters
Amy Tracy Wells for company sponsorship and demo tables
Denise Bennett or other members of the Preconference Planning Committee for anything else.

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