Instruction and Research Services Committee


The Instruction and Research Services Committee provides resources for librarians who engage in instruction and research service in the field of history. It is charged with creating and disseminating guidelines and tools to assist with instruction, reference services, and collection development. The committee also seeks to promote communication among librarians, students, faculty, and organizations with an interest in history instruction and research, regardless of geographic or chronological specialty.


Complete the revision of the Primary Sources on the Web page and go live with it during the 2014-2015 year.

Complete the Directory for Primary Resources in U.S. History. This is a first attempt at creating other pages to list important primary source collections by subject.

Explore presenting a webinar on the Committee’s “Information Literacy Standards and Competencies for Undergraduate History Students."

Improve exchange of ideas about instruction and Information Literacy practices among history bibliographers.


Those interested in volunteering for this committee should complete a committee volunteer form.