Collection Development Policies and Assessment Committee

In 2005, the Collection Development Policies, Collection Evaluation Techniques, and Reference Collection Development committees combined into the Collection Development Policies and Assessment Committee.


The Collection Development Policies and Assessment Committee identifies, develops, evaluates, and disseminates information and resources relevant for all library collections. It will:

  • Educate librarians about collection development policies and assessment techniques through publications, programs, discussion groups, and other methods;
  • Encourage librarians to establish collection development policies, guidelines, and techniques to evaluate their libraries’ collections;
  • Promote research on methodologies, techniques, instruments, and best practices related to policy development and collection assessment.



Mary M. D. Parker (Chair--2007 - 2008)


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Our Works:

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  • Writing Collection Development Policies: Useful Web Sites
  • Representative Electronic Collection Development Policies
  • Core Elements of Electronic Resource Collection Policies
  • Policy Statements for Electronic Resources: An Annotated Bibliography