BRASS Rep. to RUSA Publications Committee

brass handbook

BRASS Representative to the RUSA Publications Committee

Establishment of Position
Established in 1988.

Purpose of the RUSA Committee
To recommend to the RUSA Board policy and steps to implement policy concerning RUSQ, RUSA Update, and any other publishing activity originating with the division. The role of the RUSA Publications Committee is to provide advice and recommendations regarding publications to RUSA units and the RUSA Board. Any RUSA unit that wishes to publish an item is responsible for planning the publication and working with the RUSA Executive Director to take care of details involved in the actual publication.

Meeting Time of RUSA Committee
Meeting time varies.

Term of Office
Two years.

BRASS Duties

  • To convey BRASS concerns to the RUSA Publications Committee.
  • To serve as the liaison between BRASS and RUSA Publications Committee for section publication issues. This includes securing acceptance of BRASS originated manuscripts as RUSA Occasional Papers.
  • To solicit Executive Committee input on items of concern to the section.
  • To attend business meeting of the BRASS Publications Committee and report to the Committee on the RUSA Committee's activities and decisions.
  • To attend the BRASS Executive Committee meeting and report on the RUSA Committee's activities and decisions.
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of the BRASS Publications Committee.

RUSA Committee Duties

  • To act as a clearinghouse for publication plans of all RUSA units.
  • To work with section publications committees or section/committee designees to identify manuscripts for the RUSA publications program. The Publications Committee receives both the proposal and the final manuscript for publications.
  • To survey existing RUSA publications periodically, identify areas in which publications are needed, and make recommendations to the RUSA Board or RUSA units. To develop specific plans for publications as needed.
  • To recruit and recommend to the RUSA Board the appointment of editors for the division's periodical and series publications and to evaluate their performance.
  • To act as RUSA liaison with the ALA Publishing Committee, ALA Publishing Services, and Publication committees of other ALA associations.