BRASS Rep. to RUSA Professional Development Committee

brass handbook

BRASS Representative to the RUSA Professional Development Committee

Establishment of Position
Established in 2002.

Purpose of the RUSA Committee
To provide leadership and coordinate the development of RUSA programming, apart from Annual Conferences, based on the continuing education needs of the members of the division and the profession at large.

Meeting Time of RUSA Committee
Meeting time varies.

Term of Office
Two years.

BRASS Duties

  • To represent BRASS and its Executive Committee and membership on the RUSA Professional Development Committee.
  • To serve as a liaison between the BRASS Education Committee and the RUSA Professional Development Committee.
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of the BRASS Education Committee.
  • To solicit Executive Committee input on potential professional development issues.
  • To attend or report to the BRASS Executive Committee meeting on the RUSA Committee's activities and accomplishments.

RUSA Committee Duties

  • To initiate and develop specific program plans in cooperation with RUSA sections and committees.
  • To offer continuing education opportunities in a variety of formats and venues.
  • To review and report to the RUSA Board of Directors the potential programming implications of developments in reference and information services.
  • To review and recommend to the RUSA Board, program proposals submitted by RUSA sections and committees or by private consultants and trainers.
  • To establish links with other professional associations and agencies involved in similar kinds of educational program activities.