BRASS Rep to RUSA Organization and Planning Committee

BRASS Handbook

BRASS Rep to RUSA Organization and Planning Committee

Establishment of Position
Established in 1988.

Purpose of the RUSA Committee
To serve the RUSA Board of Directors in an advisory capacity by reviewing association organization and activities with the purpose of assisting the association in avoiding duplication of effort and making sure that the activities of RUSA are compatible with the goals of the association and the goals of ALA as a whole. To undertake special projects which do not fall within the scope of existing committees.

Meeting Time of RUSA Committee
Meeting time varies.

Term of Office
Two years.

BRASS Duties

  • To convey BRASS concerns to the RUSA Organization Committee.
  • To serve as the liaison between BRASS and the RUSA Organization Committee for section organizational issues including providing informational copies of descriptions of new/revised BRASS committee/position descriptions to the RUSA Organization Committee.
  • To attend or provide input at the BRASS Executive Committee Planning session.
  • To solicit Executive Committee input on items of concern to the section.
  • To attend or report to the BRASS Executive Committee meeting on the RUSA Committee's activities and accomplishments.
  • To serve as a resource person for BRASS organizational issues and for the BRASS section review.

RUSA Committee Duties

  • To assist new sections/committees in drafting descriptive statements for the section/committee.
  • To review new or revised descriptive statements of RUSA committees and make recommendations to the Board.
  • To review on a staggered basis the descriptive statement and activities of each association-level committee at least once every five years.
  • To establish the schedule for and assess the results of section reviews conducted on a staggered basis at least once every five years.
  • To serve on RUSA Organization Committee subcommittees as requested/appointed. The committee has a standing Subcommittee on Committee Reviews which oversees the procedures and schedule relating to the review of RUSA committees.
  • To participate in the conduct of RUSA committee and section reviews as requested/appointed.
  • To carry out such other committee assignments as needed.