brass handbook

BRASS Member at Large

Its primary pupose is to represent the membership of BRASS by fostering communication among the Section, its Committees, and its members while its primary action is to discuss and vote on issues related to Section business.

Term of Office
Three (3) Members-at-Large serving staggered three-year terms.

Specific Duties

  • To represent the membership of BRASS.
  • To serve as a member of the BRASS Executive Committee.
  • To attend both Midwinter and Annual American Library Association Meetings, specifically all Executive and Executive Planning Committee meetings.
  • To act for, and by the authority of, the Section's membership during the period between meetings of the Section.
  • To review and approve all proposals and documents produced by BRASS and its committees.
  • To attend committee meetings (both within BRASS and at the RUSA level) as designated by the BRASS Chair.
  • To foster communication among the Section and its committees. Each BRASS Member at Large is expected to be able to advise committees on procedural matters.
  • To recommend action to the BRASS Executive Committee.
  • To present to the BRASS Executive Committee those BRASS issues and documents upon which the membership and/or the Executive Committee may wish to take action.
  • To have one Member at Large serve as liaison to the Special Libraries Association, Business and Finance Division.
  • As stated in the bylaws, BRASS Executive Committee members are not allowed to serve as BRASS committee chairs.