BRASS-L Manager

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BRASS-L Manager

Established in 1996.

To serve as BRASS-L owner, maintain the BRASS-L list, and to facilitate the use of BRASS-L by BRASS committees for BRASS communications.

Term of Office
The BRASS-L Manager is a one-year appointment, indefinitely renewable.

One person is appointed to be the BRASS-L Manager. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect makes the appointment.

Specific Duties

  • Keeps the BRASS-L roster up to date.
  • As committee appointments are made, or changed, removes those no longer on a BRASS committee and adds those new to BRASS committees.
  • As BRASS-L list owner, receives error messages from the listserver, corrects problems, changes committee member addresses as necessary, lets the member know of the problem and solution, and reposts messages as necessary to maintain BRASS committee communication.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of the BRASS Publications Committee.
  • Provides a semiannual report to the Publications Committee regarding BRASS-L, its usage levels and any problems or concerns.