Vendor Relations Committee

brass handbook

BRASS Vendor Relations Committee

Established in 2000.

To encourage and develop relationships between BRASS and the private sector for the support of BRASS activities, education and services; to develop, with vendors and others, projects or a means of recognition that promote business librarianship.

There shall be three to five members appointed by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of BRASS, including a BRASS Past Chair if possible.

Terms of Office
Members of the committee will serve for two years and shall be eligible for reappointment for a consecutive two-year term. Terms will be staggered so that continuity will be maintained.

Specific Duties

  • To encourage and develop relationships between BRASS and vendors.
  • To develop support for BRASS activities, including conferences, scholarships and continuing education or professional development.
  • To develop support for other projects that promote business librarianship.
  • To develop, promote and encourage activities that focus on business librarians and business information careers.
  • To attend or provide input at the BRASS Executive Planning Session.