brass handbook

BRASS Nominating Committee

Established in 1987.

To arrange for nomination of candidates for offices of the Section and for other members of the BRASS Executive Committee.

There shall be three (3) members, including a BRASS Past Chair if possible. The members shall not be current members of the BRASS Executive Committee. The committee can function as a virtual committee.

Terms of Office
Members of the committee shall serve a two-year term and shall be appointed by the newly elected Vice-Chair of BRASS. Appointments shall be made in the fall one and an half years before the election for which the committee is to provide a slate. Service on the committee continues through the Conference at which the election results are announced.

Specific duties

  • To solicit and acknowledge recommendations for nominations.
  • To select nominees in accordance with BRASS Bylaws.
  • To secure the written consent of each nominee.
  • To publish the slate of candidates in the RUSA Update prior to the Midwinter Meeting before the election.
  • All meetings of the committee will be closed sessions for committee members only.

Additional Nominations
Other nominations may be made by petition of twenty-five (25) members of the Section and submitted with the written consent of the nominee to the Executive Director of the Division at least four months before the annual conference of the American Library Association.

Nominations and elections shall be in accordance with the BRASS Bylaws.