Public Librarian Support Award Committee

brass handbook

Morningstar Public Librarian Support Award Committee

Established in 1999.

To administer an annual travel award that will support the attendance at the ALA Annual conference of public librarians who are members of BRASS/RUSA, and to recruit public librarians as active members of BRASS.

Terms of Office
Members shall serve for two years, and the term is not renewable. Terms will be staggered. The committee can function as a virtual committee.

There shall be 3 to 5 members appointed by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of BRASS. The Chair will be a public librarian, as will a majority of the members. Members should represent reasonable diversity in geography and current professional employment.

Specific Duties

  • Prepare press release for ALA to solicit applications for the award.
  • Review candidates' written applications and make the award to one public librarian per year based on the following criteria:
    • The recipient must be a member of BRASS/RUSA.
    • The recipient shall have a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career as a business reference librarian and the potential to be a leader in the profession. This may be demonstrated by involvement in special projects, creation of a business website, outstanding services to the community, publications and related activities. Award will be based on service to the community and on demonstration of need for financial assistance to attend the ALA Annual Conference.
    • Recipient must be willing to participate in BRASS activities at the ALA Conference for which the award has been made and write a short statement following the Conference on his or her experience, to be published in RUSA Update.
  • The Chair will be responsible for organizing the documentation and compiling a list of award candidates.
  • The committee will virtually discuss and evaluate candidates prior to Midwinter. The recipient will be chosen based on the award's criteria by consensus of committee members.
  • All committee discussions will be closed for members only.

Nomination of Candidates
Applications are to be made in writing to the Chair. Statements are due to the chair of the committee by December 1.

Presentation of the Award
The formal announcement and presentation of the award shall be made at each ALA Annual Conference.

Form and/or Type of Award

  • Cash award of $1,000 for travel expenses incurred at the ALA Annual Conference.
  • Cost of administering the award will be approximately $250.00.
  • The recipient of the award will be formally invited by the Chair of BRASS to attend BRASS Executive Committee meetings and other BRASS activities.