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Tips for New & Continuing BRASS Committee Chairs

BRASS Web Site Tips for Committee Chairs

  1. Committee chairs should take an active role in keeping the web site up-to-date. If information on the web site is incorrect, the committee chair should provide the correct information to the Webmaster for updating.
  2. Committee chairs and members are welcome to submit pages related to current BRASS activities to be mounted on the BRASS web site.  
  3. Please inform the Webmaster as early as possible that you will have material for the web site. This will enable the Webmaster to help make the process a smooth one.
  4. Information for the web site may be submitted in a variety of formats: email, word processing file, HTML, PowerPoint presentation. Consult the Webmaster for specifics.

Other points:

  • Copyright considerations
    If the author of a handout or presentation wishes to retain the copyright to their material, we must have their permission before mounting it on the BRASS web site. It is the responsibility of the committee chair to obtain any needed permissions.
  • Page Design
    The ALA Web Office makes final decisions regarding the design of pages mounted on the ALA web server. From time to time, changes may be made in the required elements for each page. These changes will be imposed on the BRASS web pages. When a web page is submitted to the BRASS Webmaster, it may be necessary for the Webmaster to alter the page design to comply with ALA requirements. It may also be necessary to add navigational links, etc., to make the page a functional element of the site.
  • Time Frame
    It will often take as long as several weeks for a page to be added or updated. When the information is submitted to the Webmaster, the Webmaster will prepare it for mounting. This can take varying amounts of time, depending on the format in which it is submitted. When the page is ready, the Webmaster will submit it to the RUSA office in Chicago. A RUSA staff member will check the page, then it will be sent to the ALA Web Office. A staff member in the ALA Web Office will check it again, then will mount it on the ALA web server. After the Webmaster submits a web page, it can be as long as three weeks before it actually appears on the web site.
  • Future
    The BRASS web page is still evolving, and many of these points are subject to change. Please feel free to discuss issues not addressed here with the BRASS Webmaster.

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