Vendor Sponsorship

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Tips for New & Continuing BRASS Committee Chairs

4. Vendor Sponsorship of BRASS Committee Activities

Vendor sponsorship may be requested or accepted for BRASS programs, pre-conferences, events, or other types of support with the approval of the BRASS Executive Board and following the policies and procedures provided in Chapter 3: Budget and Finance, "Seeking funding outside of RUSA" of the RUSA Guide to Policies and Procedures.   Sponsorship is coordinated by the Development Committee, and all vendor issues should be brought to their attention.

BRASS will acknowledge vendor support in any or all of the following ways:

  1. In mailings, flyer, and in online materials relating to sponsored awards and programs.
  2. During the welcome or introduction to programs and discussions.
  3. Using discreet signs acknowledging vendor support as part of table-level displays.
  4. On the BRASS website with logos and links to sponsors.

Vendors may:

  1. Attend sponsored events.
  2. Provide table-level displays of vendor materials at event sites.

The Development Committee will work with vendors on any requests beyond the guidelines above.

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