BRASS Survey Guidelines

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Tips for New & Continuing BRASS Committee Chairs

5. ALA/RUSA/BRASS Survey Guidelines

compiling a survey as a member or committee of BRASS, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Revise and pass survey at BRASS committee level.
  • The BRASS Committee Chair must present the survey to the BRASS Executive Committee for discussion and action. This can be done via mail and e-mail with a "response due by" date.
    1. If the Executive Committee recommends major changes and does not recommend approval, the survey will be returned to the committee for further revision. The survey must be resubmitted to the Executive Committee for approval.
    2. If the Executive Committee recommends minor changes and still recommends approval, the committee or its chair can make the changes.
  • If the Divisional officers recommend major changes, the survey should be returned to the BRASS committee for further discussion. If the survey receives approval at the divisional level, the BRASS committee can administer the survey.

Revised 7-96
Updated 5-97
Update 6/08

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