Scheduling BRASS Committee Meetings

BRASS Handbook

Tips for New & Continuing BRASS Committee Chairs

3. Scheduling BRASS Committee Meetings

Who's responsible:

Scheduling of BRASS committee meetings is handled centrally by the Scheduling Coordinator. All questions about scheduling BRASS meetings should be directed to the BRASS Scheduling Coordinator.

NOTE: Chairs of program planning committees must also meet ALA scheduling requirements and deadlines for programs. For additional information on scheduling programs, consult Chapter 5: Meetings and Programs of the RUSA Guide to Policies and Procedures and work with the Scheduling Coordinator to meet additional deadlines.

Most BRASS committees have traditional meeting times that will continue from conference to conference, as outlined in the Master Schedule (Appendix B).   Check with the Scheduling Coordinator to make sure that the room being requested for your committee meets any requirements for seating and equipment.  Your meeting time should not be changed except in exceptional circumstances, since it may result in conflicts.   For special meeting requests, see Appendix A for the information you should submit to the Scheduling Coordinator.

Submission deadlines:

Scheduling deadlines are EARLY. Normally:

  • Midwinter Meeting Deadline: September 10
  • Annual Conference Deadline: October 10


Do not forget to also schedule any subcommittees that require meeting space.

ALA Mailings:

Committee chairs will receive six mailings from ALA, three each for Midwinter and Annual. These mailings will overlap. This means that the first mailing for the Annual Conference usually precedes the final mailing for the Midwinter Meeting. Do NOT respond to ALA directly; the BRASS Scheduling Coordinator will submit all forms.

  1. ALA Mailing 1: This is the call for meeting time requests. If you have not yet sent your "short form" meeting request to the BRASS Scheduling Coordinator, do so NOW.
  2. ALA Mailing 2: This is an advance schedule of meeting times. Check your committee's entry. If there is any problem or you need to change your meeting time, contact the BRASS Scheduling Coordinator immediately.
  3. ALA Mailing 3: This mailing provides final meeting times and room assignments. If there is a problem, contact the BRASS Scheduling Coordinator immediately. Notify your committee members of meeting locations.

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