Tips for Editors of RUSA Occasional Papers

BRASS Handbook

Tips for Editors Working on BRASS-Sponsored RUSA Occasional Papers

1. RUSA-BRASS Connections

  • Consult the RUSA Guide to Policies and Procedures (Chapter 8: Publications)
  • BRASS Program Committee Chair
    • fills out the RUSA Occasional Paper Proposal Form  
    • acquires appropriate BRASS signature/approval (Publications Committee Chair, Executive Committee);
    • submits form to BRASS Rep to the RUSA Publications Committee four weeks before the Midwinter or Annual Conferences.
  • BRASS Rep will submit the Proposal to the RUSA Publications Committee Chair for preliminary approval at the Committee meeting.

2. Working with Contributors

BRASS Program Speaker Contributions [Paper generated from speaker presentation of a BRASS sponsored activity such as annual conference programs, workshops, or preconference workshops.]

BRASS Program Committee Member Contributions. [Papers, bibliographies, glossaries, etc.]

  • Request papers/contributions to be submitted and completed in advance, before the program is held.
  • Request permission to have their papers/contributions published by ALA/RUSA; copyright to be kept by ALA.
  • Request copyright clearance for proprietary owned copyrighted material such as charts, tables, quotes, etc. used by the speakers/contributors.

3. Editing

  • Discuss preference of how editing to be done among Committee members, e.g. by one of the contributors, by the Program Committee Chair, Program Committee members.
  • Edit papers for accuracy and consistency of writing style. First person mode and presentation verbatim transcription are not acceptable.
  • Send revised papers back to contributors. Obtain final approvals for the revisions made.
  • Obtain copyright releases from contributors by signing ALA copyright forms.

4. Publishing

  • Submit finished manuscript to RUSA Publications Committee Chair for review and comments.
  • Make any required revisions.
  • Submit final manuscript to RUSA Publications Committee Chair for final approval.


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