Public Libraries Briefcase


A publication of the BRASS
Business Reference in Public Libraries Committee


No. 30, 2nd Quarter 2014
Best Practices of Adult Financial Literacy in a Large Public Library System

No. 29, 1st Quarter 2014
What's in a Name?  Naming Rights as Revenue Generators

No. 28, 4th Quarter 2013
Google Drive or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Online Forms

No. 27, 2nd Quarter 2013
Harness the Power of Branding

No. 26, 1st Quarter 2011
An Introduction to Researching Private Companies

No. 25, Third Quarter 2010
Tracking the Stimulus: Resources for Providing Information on the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

No. 24, Second Quarter 2010
Latino Entrepreneurs Support: Growth Opportunity for Public Libraries

No. 23, First Quarter 2010
Networking for Business Librarians

No. 22, Winter 2009
A Few Social Networking Tools Not to Miss for Business Information:
Social Networking for Business Librarians

No. 21, Summer 2009
Using local business resources in a challenging economy

No. 20, October 2008
Top Ten Best Business Reference Sources, for non-business librarians

No. 19, July 2008
Marketing @Your Library

No. 18, April 2008
The Business Book Club: Leveraging Brand to Connect to Your Business Community

No. 17, June 2007
BRASS Forum: Twixters, Tweeners & Financial Security

No. 16, March 2007
Historic Stock Prices

No. 15, June 2006
Building Business Connections: Outreach 101

No. 14, March 2006
Finding & Using Public Records

No. 13, November 2005
Fun with Federal Procurement

No. 12, 3rd Quarter 2005
Writing a Business Plan

No. 11, 2nd Quarter 2005
Job Hunting Tips and Resources

No. 10, 4th Quarter 2004
Marketing Your Library's Business Collections

No. 9, 3rd Quarter 2004
Finding Company Information: Selected Titles and Tips

No. 8, 2nd Quarter 2004
Small Business Online Resources

No. 7, 1st Quarter 2004
Public Library Personal Investing Resources

No. 6, 4th Quarter 2003
U.S. Demographics

No. 5, 3rd Quarter 2003
Tips on Presenting a Small Business Workshop in a Public Library

No. 4, 2nd Quarter 2003
Successful Business Programs in Public Libraries

No. 3, 1st Quarter 2003
Finding Industry Information

No. 2, 4th Quarter 2002
Importing Resources - Trade Leads

No. 1, 3rd Quarter 2002
Review of Public Library Websites and their Business Reference Content for Patrons