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**Writing a Business Plan**

**Job Hunting Tips and Resources**

**Marketing Your Library's Business Collections**

**Finding Company Information: Selected Titles and Tips**


**Using Local Business Resources in a Challenging Economy**

**Market Research @Your Public Library**

**The Business Book Club: Leveraging Brand to Connect to Your Business Community**

**BRASS Forum: Twixters, Tweeners & Financial Security**

**Finding & Using Public Records**

**Fun with Federal Procurement**

Help, I'm not a Business Librarian! 

Best Practices of Adult Financial Literacy in a Large Public Library System

What's in a Name?  Naming Rights as Revenue Generators


Google Drive or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Online Forms

Harness the Power of Branding


An Introduction to Researching Private Companies


Tracking the Stimulus: Resources for Providing Information on the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)

Latino Entrepreneurs Support: Growth Opportunity for Public Libraries

Networking for Business Librarians


A Few Social Networking Tools Not to Miss for Business Information:
Social Networking for Business Librarians

Using Local Business Resources in a Challenging Economy


Top Ten Best Business Reference Sources, For Non-business Librarians

Market Research@Your Public Library

The Business Book Club: Leveraging Brand to Connect to Your Business Community


BRASS Forum: Twixters, Tweeners & Financial Security

Historic Stock Prices


Building Business Connections: Outreach 101

Finding & Using Public Records


Fun with Federal Procurement

Writing a Business Plan

Job Hunting Tips and Resources


Marketing Your Library's Business Collections

Finding Company Information: Selected Titles and Tips

Small Business Online Resources

Public Library Personal Investing Resources


U.S. Demographics

Tips on Presenting a Small Business Workshop in a Public Library

Successful Business Programs in Public Libraries

Finding Industry Information


Importing Resources - Trade Leads

Review of Public Library Websites and their Business Reference Content for Patrons