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Business Librarians & Publishing Opportunities (part 1 of 2)
Stacey Marien, Business Librarian, American University

Where do business librarians publish? What are some of the issues surrounding the publishing pressures faced by business librarians on the tenure track? How do non-traditional sources like Academic BRASS and journals outside of the library field factor in the process? These are the questions I will address in this two-part article on the publishing opportunities available to business librarians. Part I will provide a list of sources, and part II - to be released in the December issue of Academic BRASS - will discuss the issues of publishing pressure and non-traditional sources.

According to a 1999 ACRL survey of academic libraries, 48 percent of the surveyed institutions offer full or partial tenure to their librarians (C&RL News, May 2001, Vol. 62, No.5). As a tenure-track librarian at American University in Washington, DC, part of the requirements for tenure includes creative and scholarly work that can include book reviews and other sorts of publishing. The primary requirements for my tenure emphasize quality work in the duties of reference service, collection development and bibliographic instruction, but the publishing requirement is still an important consideration.

In order to compile the list of potential sources, I decided to ask the members of the Buslib-L listserv where they had published their articles and other work. This query generated a number of suggestions as well as some comments about the tenure process. I would like to thank those who responded to my query.

As a supplement to the suggestions from Buslib-L, I also consulted the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from ISI. Using the JCR "impact factor," one can check to see how high a journal is ranked relative to its peer journals. For those unfamiliar, the impact factor measures how frequently the journal has been cited in other journals during a specified year. Under the subject of Information Science and Library Science Journals, the JCR ranks 55 journal titles. If one of the journals listed below is included in the JCR list, I have added its rank in parentheses. Though not included on my list, the MIS Quarterly ranks first in the JCR.

I arranged the journals and other sources below by publisher and include a link to the publisher's homepage. While many of the listed journals will be familiar to most librarians, hopefully readers will discover new titles to consider. If I missed any relevant title, please email me and I will try to include them in Part II of this article.

College and Research Libraries News
College and Research Libraries (#10 in JCR)
Information Technology and Libraries (#36 in JCR)
Reference & User Services Quarterly (#21 in JCR)

Business Information Alert

ARIST - Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (#2 in JCR)

Educause Quarterly
Educause Review

Free Pint
Informed Librarian

Journal of Academic Librarianship (#19 in JCR)
Journal of Government Information (#45 in JCR)
Government Information Quarterly(#35 in JCR)

Bottom Line
Online Information Review (#32 in JCR)
Reference Services Review

Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship
Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian

Journal of Education for Business

Computers in Libraries
Online (#23 in JCR)
Searcher - The Magazine for Database Professionals
INFORMED LIBRARIAN - this current awareness source provides table of contents from over 275 library and information related titles.

Library Journal (#42 in JCR)

BULLETIN of the Business & Finance Division of the Special Libraries Association
Advertising & Marketing Division Bulletin

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