Brainstorming Ideas for Faculty Liaisons


BRASS Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee
ALA Midwinter Conference Meeting
Washington, D.C.
January 13, 2001, 2-4PM
Capital Hilton - Pan American Room

  • Topic based workshops for faculty
  • Make appointments with faculty to discuss research. Target new faculty
  • Try to obtain syllabus for various classes. Identify projects that the library may be able to help with. Make a guide or suggestion to the faculty to show students resources. Prepare a handout for students. Take 5-10 min at the beginning of the class to address the students. Point of need.
  • Office visits.
  • Departmental meetings - over time your presence is developed.
  • Faculty services worksheet. Have faculty indicate a convenient time to be contacted.
  • At the beginning of the semester write the faculty a letter describing the resources, new services in the library. Try to get on the class syllabus. Get copies of the syllabus. Meet with the graduate student groups who are doing projects. Students may be able to pressure faculty to include librarian help for projects.
  • Contact new faculty.
  • Identify the dynamic personality in each department and get them to help promote the library.
  • Be proactive, try to enlist the most enthusiastic faculty.
  • E-mail newsletter to faculty about new resources.
  • Seminars for faculty on resources
  • Approach the Teaching Assistants.
  • Say to the students "we can save you time"
  • New book lists sent to faculty
  • Undergraduates seem to be the most receptive to BI
  • Awareness session on what's new in the library
  • Orientation for students
  • Office hours in the faculty departments. Have a desk and access to electronic resources. 2-3 hours on a particular day. Faculty and students can drop by.
  • Web pages for department. A separate library page for each department.
  • Library rep liaison meeting.
  • You can get to know the faculty when the library is considering periodical cuts.
  • Interaction with Deans - talk to department heads.
  • Find out who controls the money in the school. Get to know the Associate Deans.
  • Scan The Chronicle of Higher Education about business programs, articles and forward them on to the Deans and faculty.
  • Partnership with the department on paying for journals.
  • New faculty reception in the library with food and wine.
  • Get a list of new faculty and contact them.
  • The adjunct faculty are hard to reach, try to see them at faculty meetings.
  • Hand out business card to students and faculty during BI sessions.
  • Develop a business resources web page.
  • E-mail faculty at the beginning of each semester to introduce yourself.
  • Hand out a faculty research survey to find out what they are doing.
  • Current awareness service for faculty
  • Get a sense of faculty technical level. How do they receive communication?
  • Web page for new faculty
  • If the librarian decides to have office hours, feature databases to show. Do some PR to promote it.
  • Attend Business School Committee on Learning Resources and Technology meetings.
  • Once a year, attend faculty council meeting and make a presentation about library electronic resources.
  • Special workshops for undergraduate and graduate classes.
  • Syllabi requested on a regular basis. Encourage faculty to discuss class assignments with the librarian. Books orders place based on material in syllabi.
  • Send list of latest reference and circulating business books to faculty.
  • Develop trial subscription web page and include business resources.
  • Business resource web page for general and international business.
  • Attend business school events and prepare special bibliographies related to these events.

bullet Brainstorming Ideas for Faculty Liaison
Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee, ALA Midwinter Conference, January 13, 2001

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