2004 Publishers Open Forum


January 12, 2004
San Diego, California

Product Development for Industry Information

Questions From Attendees And Summarized Answers

Francine Krasowska, U.S. International Trade Administration
Jay Reingold, Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage
Curt Bulloch, Mergent
Brian Rogers, U.S. Business Reporter

Question to Curt Bulloch, Mergent - Are any of the former Moody's manuals excluded from MergentOnline?
Bulloch - Yes, the Municipal and Government manual is excluded.

Question to all panelists - Do you provide past data?
Bulloch - Yes, for 9,000 companies. (I didn't note the time period.)
Krasowska - The U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook database will include text and data. No decision yet regarding how far back to provide text. The data may refer the user back to the original agency website in which case it would be the time period provided by that agency.
Rogers - Company data is 5 years rolling; market is 6 years rolling; stock reports are 6 months.
Reingold - Currently NetAdvantage provides 5 years rolling. S&P plans to tackle the archives issue in 2004.

Question to all panelists - What is the cost for your database?
Krasowska - It will be free.
Rogers - Public library cost is $1,400/month; academic is $2,000/month. Alternative is to purchase an individual report for $69-79.
Bulloch - The price varies depending on the size of the library and the number of students.
Reingold – Institutional pricing varies.

Question to all panelists - What format is your product available in?
Krasowska - Just online. No print. No CD-ROM.
Bulloch - Available in print and online. More is being made available online and moving from print to online.
Reingold - For the S&P Industry surveys plan to offer both print and online.
Rogers - Online.

Question to Jay Reingold, S&P NetAdvantage - Will NetAdvantage merge with Market Insight?
Reingold - NetAdvantage is intended to be the platform for researchers. We do see them coming together in the future. Research Insight is the front end to Compustat.

Question to Jay Reingold, S&P NetAdvantage - What do you mean by risk?
Reingold - S&P risk factors are more focused to operating earning for investment purposes. The push for this is from Pricewaterhouse and Deloitte & Touche.

Question to Francine Krasowska, ITA - Will data be provided using SIC or NAICS?
Krasowska - NAICS and we'll link to the Census Bureau for conversion information.

Question to Francine Krasowska, ITA - When will the SEC switch to NAICS?
Krasowska - They should switch.

Question to Jay Reingold, S&P NetAdvantage - Did you say NAICS is dead?
Reingold - MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) and S&P have developed GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard). But we'll report data by NAICS.

Question to Brian Rogers, U.S. Business Reporter - Who are your sources for data?
Rogers - Sources like Investext.

Reported by M. Gilles

BRASS Business Reference Sources Committee

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