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LC Subjects: Market surveys, Marketing research, Consumer behavior, Market segmentation, Consumption economics

Choices II

This CD-ROM from Simmons contains data on United States buying habits of people based on their media habits. It measures usage of products and services by brand name, demographic characteristics, exposure to differing media, and other criteria. The CD-ROM is an extension of Simmons Survey of Media and Markets (HF 5415.33 .U6 .S58). The marketing data was collected from more than 19,000 households, then projected to reflect the general population. Tutorial at>

Mediamark Research in... HF 5415.3 .M43

Divided into two sets of volumes, this annual statistical source provides data regarding products and magazine audiences. The 20-volume set devoted to products gives cross tabulations of products by demographic characteristics and media audiences. This source is easier to read and use than Choices II. Now available in CD-ROM verison.


This database provides full-text market research reports on industries as diverse as debit cards, cookies, and the consumer Internet market. Some of the reports are massive, over 200 pages; however, most of them are at least over a year old. Other market research reports available from Frost and Sullivan (Dialog 765)

Household Spending : Who Spends How Much On What HC 110 .C6 H68

This guide arranges statistics for spending by age, income, household type, household size, and other factors for a wide range of products and services. It is based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' annual Consumer Expenditure Survey>, which has a two-year lag time.

Lifestyle Market Analyst HF 5415.3 .U6 L54

This annual provides demographic and geographic data for the American population as well as extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities of demographic and geographic markets.

Seasons of Business: The Marketer's Guide to Consumer Behavior HF 415.33 .U6 W35 1992

This sources explains consumer trends for every month of the year. Trends such as business travel in August, credit cards in November, Super Bowl in January, spring break in March, and marriage in June are all explained.

Greenbook: The International Directory of Marketing Research Companies and Services>

This Web-based directory contains international companies indexed by the following criteria: company name, research services offered, market specialties, industry specialties, computer programs, trademarked products and services, geographic location, and key personnel listings.

Princeton Survey Research Center>

This Web site has links to data and survey methods related to social issues, consumer research, and policy analysis.

Survey Research Methods>

The American Statistical Association Section on Survey Research Methods provide free brochures called "What is a Survey?", "What are Focus Groups?", "More About Mail Surveys", and "What is a Margin of Error?". This web site is good for basic understanding for survey research methods.

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LC Subjects: Industries, Business enterprises, Corporations, Market share, Marketing periodicals

County Business Patterns>

County Business Patterns is an annual series that provides county-level economic data by industry. Businesses use the data for analyzing market potential, measuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and analyzing competition. Among items available are total establishments, employment, annual payroll, first quarter payroll, and number of establishments by employment size.

Yellow pages telephone books

Covering the local areas, these books list businesses and non-profit organizations. Arranged alphabetically (white pages) and by product or service (yellow pages).

Economic Census

The best source to learn of inputs and outputs of a business. Expenses are broken down and revenue is shown as merchandise lines. Geographic segmentation from national down to M.S.A.. Done every five years. Data is not current when it comes out, but the percentages are good. The CD-ROM has greater functionality than the PDF images on the web.

Reference USA

Directory data for over ten million U.S. businesses and organizations. The information is based on yellow page and white page listings. The companies can be searched by name, location, SIC code, keyword, etc.

Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies HG 4057 .W52

Contains information on public, private, and subsidiary companies. Volume 5 lists business ranking/market share by SIC code, sorted by income.

Market Share Reporter HF 5410 .M35

Contains market share statistics drawn from periodical articles and brokerage reports. Arranged by SIC code. Indexed by products as well as by company.

SBA Franchise Workshop and
FTC Franchises and Business Opportunities

Great information for anyone who is interested in buying a franchise or business opportunities.


Published by Franchise Profiles International, this web site gives general information concerning franchising. It has good descriptions of Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC), the disclosures document of franchises.

Franchise Zone

Maintained by Entrepreneur magazine, this web site contains directories of franchisers and general information.

Trade Periodicals

Trade periodicals, frequently called trades, contain brief articles, press releases, and job announcements about a specific industry. The marketing trades give information about trends in the marketing industry, company news, and current events. Examples of marketing trades are Adverting Age, Marketing News, and Adweek. Most of the trades are available full text in ABI/INFORM, Business and Industry, and PROMPT indexes. To identify trade journals consult Business Publication Advertising Source (HF 5905 .S723).

Local Sources

All praise the local business vertical file. Sometimes the local vertical file will be the only "index" of local activities. Services like Business Dateline may index your local business paper, but you might have more success searching the local papers’ web sites. Some local papers are still not widely covered by search engines.

Scholarly Periodicals

Scholarly marketing periodicals, frequently called peer-reviewed journals, contain articles written by marketing faculty discussing new methods, theories, and case studies. Examples of marketing journals are Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing. Most of the scholarly journals are available full text in ABI/INFORM. To identify scholarly journal consult Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and Marketing (HD 28 .C3)

General Business Periodicals

General business periodicals, frequently called magazines, contain brief articles and features on multiple industries, companies, and developments. Sometimes trades and magazines are hard to tell apart. Examples of marketing magazines are American Demographics and Sales and Marketing Management. Most of the business magazines are available full text in ABI/INFORM and likely to have a good web presence. To identify or publish in a business magazine consult the Writer’s Market (PN161 .W83).

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LC Subjects: Marketing, Advertising campaigns, Small business, Brand name, Product management, New products

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns HF 5837 .E53 2000

Arranged by companies, this source describes major ad campaigns of the twentieth century: Burma-Shave Road Signs, Bud Bowl, Always Coca-Cola, Crying Indian, Bazooka Joe, Virginia is for Lovers, etc. Each entry includes an overview, historical context, target market, competition, marketing strategy, outcome, and a further reading list. The Encyclopedia is updated with the Major Marketing Campaigns Annual (Ref. HF 587 .M34).

Sample marketing plans>

Here are some sample marketing plans created by Marketing Plan Pro.

Business Plans Handbook HD 62.7 .B865

This six-volume set contains model business plans, including marketing plans, for a variety of businesses.

Dwyer's Directory of Public Relations Firms HM 263 .O37

This annual directory lists United States and foreign public relations firms. It also contains rankings of firms based on various criteria.

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LC Subjects: Advertising media planning, Advertising - Costs, American newspapers, Broadcasting

Ad $ Summary HF 5801 .A18

Use Ad $ Summary to find which media are used in advertising a brand. It also ranks the major companies by each media. Sometimes the Directory of Advertisers (HF 5805 .S7) lists the media budget for the company.

Consumer Magazine Advertising Source HF 5905 .S725

Monthly directory which lists advertising rates and circulations for publications of consumer and farm publications by topical headings. Published by SRDS.

Direct Marketing List Source HF 5861 .D54

Issued every other month, this is a directory of mailing list providers, compilers, and brokers: Volume one Business and International and Volume two Consumer and Canadian. The Bullet (HF 5861 .D54) contains all the new listings for that month. Published by SRDS.

Interactive Advertising Source HF 5415 .1264 S65

Quarterly directory which lists online advertising opportunities. Listings include advertising rates, production specifications, audience profiles, site content descriptions, and other information for advertising on the Internet. It also includes general articles such as case studies and helpful suggestions, a glossary of terms, and banner advertising standards. Published by SRDS.

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media Z 6951 .A97

Volumes one and two contain print and broadcast media arranged by state and city. Volume three provides industry statistics; lists of networks, syndicates, and publishers; and indexes of the publications by subjects, ethnicity, and formats. Volume four lists the sources by regional markets. Formerly the Ayer Directory of Publications.

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LC Subjects: Consumers, Regional economics, Social surveys, Digital mapping

Census Homepage>

Used as a distribution source for Internet materials from the Census Bureau, this homepage contains population, business, and economic data in a variety of formats. The "Subjects A-Z" button is an easy method to search the site.

Demographics USA Ref. HF 5415.1 .D46

This annual contains demographic, consumer expenditures, employment by occupations, and retail sales for national, state, county, and M.S.A. It is the expanded verison of Survey of Buying Power. Data are also available for searching and downloading using Demographics USA CD-ROM.

Market Guide Ref. HF 5905 .E38

Contains demographic profile, community resources, retail outlets, and other information about large and small selected cities. Published by Editor and Publisher.

Geographic Information System

GIS lets the user visualize and analyze geographic data in maps. The user can take any geographic-based database and layer the different attributes on an area to do retail trade area analysis, site selection, media targeting, and much more. It can show relationships and patterns in data better than tables, graphs, or charts. For simple GIS maps using government data go to American Factfinder.

American FactFinder>

This free web site has Census data from the Decennial Census Summary Files, American Community Survey Summary Tables, and Economic Census. American FactFinder can create custom tabulations from microdata files, compute simple statistics, and create a thematic map for a specific geographic place.

Regional Economic Information System (REIS)

The REIS database provides local area economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas. Statistics in the database include: personal income and earning variables, full- and part-time employment variables, transfer payments variables, and farm income and expenses variables since 1969.

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LC Subjects: Marketing-Costs, Pricing, Profit, Corporations-Valuation

Almanac of Business Industrial Financial Ratios HF 5681 .R25 T68

Over 20 financial ratios and percentages are given for each of 75 major industries. Each industry is also subdivided, and ratios are given for the sections. Statistics lag three years behind publication date. Note: Compiles statistics for companies just starting up and has no money in assets. Similar data are also found in the Statistics of Income (T 22.35/5: )

Annual Statement Studies HG 5681 .B2 R6

Composite financial data for approximately 300 lines of business. Information for each industry is broken down by company size. Figures cover previous year or two. Note: Compiles statistics for companies with less than $100 million in assets. Published by Robert Morris Associates.

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Dictionary of Marketing and Advertising HF 5415 .R577 1995

Provides definitions of approximately 5,000 marketing and advertising terms, acronyms, and abbreviations.

Best of the Best Home Page: Advertising and Marketing>

Created by members of the BRASS Education Committee, this is an extensive collection of marketing research sources.

Advertising World>

Created by University of Texas Advertising Resource Center, this is an extensive collection of advertising-related links arranged alphabetically.

International Encyclopedia of Marketing HF 5415 .I574 1997

Chapters cover such topics as "Buyer Behavior," "Price Policy," "Business-to-Business Marketing," and other broad marketing concepts. Each chapter lists the concept overview and then gives the concept descriptions. It’s good to have an marketing textbook in reference.

The World's Greatest Brands HD 69 .B7 W67 1996b

This book give brief descriptions of international brands’ history and logos. For more images of logos use Logos of America’s Largest Corporations (T 325 .L63 1988) and Living Logos (T 325 .L58 1993). Living Logos also shows older logos for the brands.

Career Opportunities in Advertising and Public Relations HF 5828.4 .F54 1996

This guide offers information on more than 80 specific jobs, including media buyer, account executive, hotel publicist, sports information director, and freelance speech writer. Each entry includes the career ladder, position description, salary range, employment prospects, training, skills traits, best geographic location, unions, and tips for entry.

North American Industry Classification System, United States>

Describes the United States government's industry classification system and descriptions for each NAICS code. Many government and commerical publications use NAICS codes to index companies and economic data. With the release of the Economic Census, the government began using NAICS, to replace SIC codes.

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American Marketing Association International Member and Marketing Services Guides HF 5410 .A46a

Beyond a directory, this annual source offers official information concerning the American Marketing Association (AMA) as well as a list of its members.

Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies HF 5805 .S72

Directory of advertising agencies with branches, personnel, accounts, annual billing, and other information. Commonly known as "Agency Red Book."

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Other LC Subjects: Industrial Marketing, Direct marketing, Telemarketing, Marketing channels, Electronic commerce, Internet marketing, Retail trade, Customer relations Tools for Success
Joint BRASS and GODORT Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 18, 2001

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