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Joint BRASS and GODORT program
June 18, 2001
San Francisco, California

Glossary of Terms

Contributions by
Wendy Diamond, Jennifer Boettcher, and Anne Streinberger

Compiled and edited by
James Church
University of California, San Diego

Some of the definitions in this glossary are based on the Dictionary of Marketing Terms, edited by Peter D. Bennett, 2nd edition, American Marketing Association, 1995.

ACORN® Lifestyle -- CACI's proprietary system of segmenting customers according to systems of neighborhood clusters (e.g. urban professional couples, older settled married couples, boomers with children, etc.)

B2B -- Business to Business

B2C -- Business to Consumer

BEA -- Bureau of Economic Analysis

BorderBase -- Bilingual directory of organizations, agencies, and institutions that conduct business along the California/Baja California border. Developed and maintained by SANDAG.

Buying Power Index (BPI) -- Weighted measure of a market's ability to guy; a proprietary term developed by Survey of Buying Power and Media Markets

CEX -- Consumer Expenditures

Consumer Units -- Unit of measurement used in the BLS' Consumer Expenditure Survey. Generally, more than one "consumer unit" comprises a household.

Data WareHouse -- Interactive application that offers an extensive selection of variables from SANDAG databases that the user can select and download to create custom reports.

Demographics -- Study of total size, sex, regional distribution, age, and other characteristics of human populations.

DEMS -- Demographic and Economic Mapping System. Mapping application that provides access to more than 200 variables from SANDAG databases. Variables can be combined and displayed for six geographic areas in the San Diego region.

Designated Market Area (DMA) -- Defines geographic areas; similar to MSAs and media markets

DOC -- Dept of Commerce

DOL -- Department of Labor

Effective Buying Income (EBI) -- Indicator of disposable, after-tax income; developed by Survey of Buying Power and Media Market

eStops -- Database that lists transit stops throughout the San Diego region. Used by transit agencies and general public.

FIPS -- Federal Information Processing Standards

GIS -- Geographic Information Systems

HHI -- Household Income

Industrial Clusters -- Groups of interrelated industries that drive wealth creation in a region, primarily through export of goods and services.

Lifestyle -- Hobbies, Interests and activities used by marketers to identify potential customers. Examples include: travel for business, spend time with grandchildren, casino gambling, gourmet cooking etc.

MA -- Metropolitan Area

Media Markets -- defines geographic areas developed by Neilsen Media Research; similar to MSAs and DMAs

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) -- Defines geographic areas; developed by U.S. Census Bureau

NAICS -- North American Industrial Classification System

NIPA -- National Income and Product Accounts

On Line Transit Information System (OTIS) -- Interactive database that allows users to plan a trip by transit by entering origination and destination points. OTIS returns route suggestions for bus, trolley, and rail systems in the San Diego region.

PRIZM -- Claritas' proprietary system of market segmentation based on neighborhoods, demogrpahics and lifesytles. See

REDI -- Regional Economic Development Information. Mapping system that displays existing land use, planned land use, vacant land, traffic volumes, and other information on the San Diego region. Also includes a reporting component for demographic information.

REIS -- Regional Economic Information System

Profile WareHouse -- Database of formatted reports with the most requested information on the San Deigo region. Profiles for the region, cities, ZIP codes and other geographic areas featuring current demographic and economic characteristics as well as forecasted changes.

SANDAG -- San Diego Association of Governments

Segmentation -- Process of subdividing customers into groups sharing characteristics and needs.

SF -- Summary File (replaces STF -- Summary Tape File)

SIC -- Standard Industrial Classification

Spending Potential Index (SPI) -- Proprietary system developed by CACI used to measure spending power.

SRDS -- Standard Rate and Data Service

Target Market -- Particular segment of a total population

Transportation Forecast Information Center (TFIC) -- Interactive mapping application that gives users quick access to average weekday traffic volumes for freeways in the San Diego region.

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Joint BRASS and GODORT Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 18, 2001

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