2008 Publishers Open Forum


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 14, 2008

Buenos Negocios! Hispanic Market Information Sources

For the January 2008 Publishers Open Forum, three leading publishers discussed sources for marketing to Hispanics in the United States. Below are their Powerpoint presentations along with notes from the session and a bibliography.

2002 Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (SBO) (.ppt)
Lee R. Wentela, Chief, Economic Census Branch: Census Bureau - Company Statistics Division

Simmons HIspanic Data Sources (.ppt)
Dr. Max Kilger, Chief Behavioral Scientist: Simmons

Information for U.S. Business Reporter (.ppt)
Charles Swartz, Vice President, Technology: Geographic Research, Inc.

BRASS Notes (.doc)
Notes taken during the Forum

Buenos Negocios! Bibliography (.doc)
Leticia Camacho, Business Librarian, Harold B. Lee Library

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