Asian/Pacific Markets (except Japan) A Sampling of Information Resources


ALA Annual Conference, 1993

Betty Tonglao
Seattle Public Library

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Asia Yearbook. Hong Kong: Review Publishing Company Ltd. After giving an overview of the region on issues relating to energy, banking, trade and transportation, each country is analysed on events relating to the politics/social affairs, foreign relations, and economy/infrastructure. Annual

Asia & Pacific Review. Essex, UK: The World of Information. Focuses more on the economic issues. Country profiles supply facts on employment, external trade and short analysis on key industries. Business guide and essential contacts are also given. Annual

Asian Development Outlook. Manila: Asian Development Bank; currently distributed by Oxford University Press. Provides a comprehensive but concise review of economic developments and policy issues in developing Asia and by addressing economic trends and prospects, and the potential conflict between environment and development. Annual

Country Profile (country name). London: Economist Intelligence Unit. Provides annual survey of political and economic background on a given country. Chapters devotes to currency, national accounts, employment, wages and prices, industry analysis and foreign trade, etc. Annual

Pacific Century [videorecording] Co-production of PBI/Jigsaw Productions in association with NHK-Japan and KCTS/Seattle. South Burlington, VT: Annenberg CPS Collection. 1992

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Asia Business Book by David Rearwin. Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press. Describes the cultural and intercultural characteristics of each country and shows how they are manifest in business dealings. 1991

Business Opportunities in the Far East: The Complete Reference Guide to Practices and Procedures edited by Lawrence Chimerine, et al. 1990

Doing Business with the Thais: A Handbook for Executives BY PAUL LEPPERT. Sebastopol, CA: Patton Pacific Press. 1992

Economist Business Travellers' Guide - (Country Name), or Economist Guide - (Country Name). NY: Prentice Hall Press or London: Economist Books: Hutchinson Business Books. 1989-1990

Investor's Guide to the Federated States of Micronesia. Washington D. C.: The Micronesia Institute. 1989

Manufacturing in Guangdon. New York: Business International. The publication identifies the principal manufacturing sites and addresses issues of concern relating to infrastructure of plants, staffing, financing, regulations, etc. Provides ten ventures as case study.

Strategic Guide to Equity Joint Ventures in China by Nigel Campbell. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Sections cover the pattern of EJV, partner selection, negotiations, financing and technology transfer and conclude with management control and marketing products. 1989

Traders' Manual for Asia & the Pacific: Indonesia. Bangkok: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 1990

When Business East Meets Business West: The Pacific Rim Guide to Practice and Protocol by Christopher Engholm. NY: Wiley. 1991

Yue-Sai Kan's Doing Business in (Country Name). Seattle: KCTS. A series of four videos on dealing with businesses in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. 1990

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American Foods & Beverages in Hong Kong: A Directory of Agents, Importers and Representatives. Hong Kong: American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. 1990

Asian Company Handbook. Tokyo: Toyo Keizai Inc. Includes the latest corporate data of over 1,000 companies listed on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Annual

Australian & New Zealand Biotechnology Directory. Adelaide: Australian Industrial Publishers. 1989

Business Korea Yearbook. Seoul: Business Korea. A yearly publication with analysis of various industry sectors and financial data on major companies in Korea. Annual

International Directory of Importers /Asia Pacific. Healdsburg, CA: Blytmann International. Companies are listed under imported products. Basic information about companies is also given. 1992

Largest Corporations in the Republic of China: Top 500. Taipei: China Credit Information Service Ltd. 1992

Kompass Directory of American Business in Singapore.. Singapore: Kompass Southeast Asia Ltd. 1990

Thailand Export-Import Monitor. Bangkok: Tera International Co., Ltd. It's more than a directory of exporters and importers. One half of the publication covers statistical comparison with NIC's and other members of ASEAN and other issues relating to international trade. 1989

Times Business Directory of Singapore. Singapore, Times Trade Directories Ptd Litd. Aside from the alphabetical and classified sections for various types of business, a separate section devoted to exporters and manufacturers. Also covered is a fairly comprehensive listing of governmental agencies, statutory boards and professional associations. Annual

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Asian Market Atlas. Hong Kong: Business International. Contains a wide range of data on macro and micro economies in graphic form. 1991

Development Business: Fortnightly Guide to Consulting, Contracting and Supply Opportunities Around the World. New York: United Nations. Semi-monthly

National Trade Data Bank (NTDB). Washington D. C.: Dept. of Commerce. In CD-ROM format, covers over 100,000 pieces of publications from fifteen agencies in US government including trade statistics, foreign traders index, market research reports on specific products and much more. Monthly update

Opportunities for Value-Added Wood Products: Korea Market Report. Alexander, VA: Genes International. 1991

Pollution Control in Taiwan: An Overview of the Environment, Programs and Opportunities by Paul Allen. Seattle. 1990

Russia Express Contracts. Via NEWSNET or DIALOG, listings of contract opportunities can be retrieved by industry category. Information provided are the name of the project, a short description of the project, contract term and contact information. Semi-monthly

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Business Laws in Korea edited by Chan-Jin Kim. Second Edition. Seoul: Panmun Book Co. 1988

Investing Licensing and Trading Conditions Abroad - Asia/Pacific. New York: Business International. Annual update

Questions and Answers on China's Customs Regulations: Concerning Goods Imported and Exported by Foreign-Funded Enterprises edited by General Customs Administration, PRC. Hong Kong: Economic Information & Agency. 1990

Traders' Manual for Asia and the Pacific: Indonesia. Bangkok: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. United Nations. Similar manual also available for Korea, Singapore and Thailand. More are scheduled to be released. 1989

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China's Customs Statistics Yearbook. Hong Kong: Economic Information & Agency. Annual

CIS National Statistical Compendiums: Asia and Middle East [microform]. Congressional Information Service. Annual

Financial and Investment Yearbook ROC. Taipei: China Economic News Service. Annual

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific. New York: United Nations. Annual

Taiwan Statistical Data Book. Taipei: Council for Economic Planning and Development. Annual

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Asian Review of Business and Technology. London: Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. Monthly.

Asian Wall Street Journal. New York: Dow Jones & Co. Daily/Weekly.

Australian Business. Sydney: Austrian Consolidated Press. Weekly

Business Asia. New York: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Biweekly.

Business Taiwan. Taipei: China Economic News Publication. Weekly.

Business in Thailand. Bangkok: Business (Thailand) Co Ltd. Monthly.

China Business Review. Washington D. C.: China Business Council. Bimonthly.

Country Report - (Country Name). London: Economist intelligence Unit. Quarterly.

Economist. London: Economist. Weekly.

Far Eastern Economic Review. Hong Kong: Reeve Publishing Co. Ltd. Weekly.

Hong Kong Business. Hong Kong: Communication Management Ltd. Monthly.

Journal of Southeast Asia Business. Ann Arbor, MI: Southeast Asia Business Program, University of Michigan. Quarterly.

Malaysian Business. Kuala Lumpur: Berita Publishing Sdn. Bhd. Bimonthly.

Singapore Business. Singapore: Times Periodicals Pte. Ltd. Monthly.

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bullet Asian/Pacific Markets
ALA Annual Conference, 1993

  • Asian/Pacific Markets (except Japan): A Sampling of Information Resources

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