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Eastern Europe

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Business Information Hungary. Berekeley, CA: Central European Research Associates. 2140 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 2045, Berkeley, CA 94704. $30. ISBN: 1-882482-00-X. Telephone: 1-510-464-4539; Fax: 1-510-549-9767.

This source provides an up-to-date, critical analysis of business opportunites in Hungary; the country's economic, historical, and political systems and business culture; "how-to" information on everything from business regulations to airport transportation; lists of government contacts, consulting firms, business services, and English-language sources of information.

Business Services in Eastern Europe. Washington, D.C.: Eastern Europe Business Information Center, Room H-7412, U.S. Department of Commerce. Contact the Dept. of Commerce for a current copy. copy. Irregular. Telephone: 1-202-377-2645; Fax: 1-202-377-4473.

An inventory of services available to firms interested in trade and investment opportunities in Eastern Europe.

Directory of European Retailers. London: Newman Books, 1986-. Biennially. $196.76 (1990-91).

Coverage of Eastern Europe includes the names of retailers and buying agents. Newman Books is a British publisher of company directories which includes coverage of the retailing and European food industries and the UK real estate property markets.

Directory of Foreign Trade Organizations in Eastern Europe. San Francisco, CA: International Trade Press, P.O. Box 14101, San Francisco, CA 94114. Annual. $125 (3rd ed.) ISSN: 1042-3591. 1-800-359-6031.

Country coverage includes Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Entries are listed by country then alphabetically by country.

European Business Services Directory. Detroit, MI: Gale Research. $275 (lst ed.) ISBN: 0-8103-7916-3. Telephone: 1-800-877-4253; Fax: 1-313-961-6083.

This directory lists approximately 20,000 European companies providing essential business services. Arranged by service category and within each category by country and city. Company names are then listed alphabetically under the city. Entries include the company name, address, and contact numbers; services offered; languages in which business is conducted; and branch offices.

European Business Top 500. Brussels, Belgium: European Business Press Group. Annual. $125. ISBN: 0-685-50054-3. ISSN: 2-87329-00-5.

Ranks the top 500 European businesses, the top 50 service and public utility companies, the top 10 banks, and the top 100 insurance companies.

Legal Texts--Central/Eastern Europe and Baltic States: List of Recently Enacted Commercial Laws & Regulations. Springfield, VA: National Technical Information Service. Updated every six to eight weeks. Contact the Eastern Europe Business Information Center. for a current copy. Telephone: 1-202-377-2645; Fax: 1-202-377-4473.

The catalog lists texts of recently enacted commerical laws and regulations received by the United States Department of Commerce. Individual full-text copies are available directly from NTIS (1-703-487-4650; 1-703-321-8547 (fax)). Catalog provides a brief description of each publication, the order number, and price.

Major Business Organisations of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. London: Graham & Trotman; distributed to U.S. and Candaian libraries exclusively by Gale Research and to other markets non-exclusively. Annual. $615 (2nd ed.). ISBN: 1-85333-737-4. Telephone: 1-800-877-GALE; FAX: 1-313-96i-6083.

Country coverage includes Bulgaria, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Each entry includes contact data, names of key officials, plus import/export data. Ministries and chambers of commerce entries provide information on the scope of their activities, and names of key officials.

News Sources on Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Washington, D.C.: Eastern Europe Business Information Center, U.S. Department of Commerce. Irregular. Contact the EEBIC for a copy.

Coverage of newsletters, periodicals, and directories. Provides street address, telephone number, and in some cases a fax number.

Sources for Financing Your Ventures in Eastern Europe. Washington, D.C.: Eastern Europe Business Information Center, U.S. Department of Commerce. Updated periodically. Contact the EEBIC for a copy. Telephone: 1-202-377-2645. Fax: 1-202-377-4473.

Provides the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers for U.S. government and commercial organizations plus foreign organizations. This is in regards to trade finance, investment finance, and project finance.

Yellow Pages Moscow. Hanover, Germany: Claudius Verlag Hannover; distributed in the U.S. by Marvol USA, 1952 Century Park East, Tenth Floor, Los Angeles, California 90067. Annual. $45 (20% discount allowed for libraries and educational institutions). Telephone: 1-800-462-7865; FAX: 1-310-553-9340.

This English-language phone directory provides phone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses for over 27,000 companies.

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Obstacles to Trade and Investment in the New Republics of the Former Union: A Review of Impediments as Seen by the U.S. Business Community. Washington, D.C.: International Trade Administration.

Reviews the barriers and problems facing U.S. businesses wishing to engage in trade and investment opportunities in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Also includes position papers by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Council for International Business.

United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations. The Challenge of Free Economic Zones in Central and Eastern Europe: International Perspectives. New York: United Nations, 1991. $75. Telephone: 1-800-253-9646; Fax: 1-212-963-3489.

This source examines the principal issues involved in the establishment and operation of free economic zones: enclaves where private foreign or domestic investors can produce for local consumers or for export abroad. Extensive coverage of establishing such zones in the former USSR and China. Issues covered include import substitution, currency swaps or auctions, and countertrade. Includes case studies of the Republic of Korea, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Poland. Includes a select bibliography.

U.S. Trade with Eastern Europe: 1987-1991 Highlights and Outlook for 1992. International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. Contact the EEBIC for an updated copy.

Provides a narrative, originally published in the April 6th, 1992 report of Business America, concerning trade with Western and Eastern Europe. Also includes statistical data covering imports and exports of commodities to these countries based on the SITC code.

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Eastern Europe Business Database [CD-ROM]. New York, N.Y.: American Directory Corporation. P.O. Box 7426, New York, N.Y. 10116. $395. Telephone: 1-718-797-4311; Fax: 1-718-596-4852.

Provides coverage of over 50,000 of the largest state and private companies in Eastern Europe. Countries covered include Albania, Bulagaria, Eastern Germany, and the republics of the former USSR and Yugoslavia. Provides over 1,000 detailed pages of text covering the latest on trade, economy, industry, finance and aid programs, government incentives and statistical information.

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Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States 1992. London, England: Europa Publications Limited, 1992; distributed by Omnigraphics, Penobscot Building, Detroit, Mich. 48226. $375. Telephone: 1-800-234-1340.

This reference guide combines text with statistics, analytical commentary, and full directory material on the political, economic, and cultural upheavals which have taken place since December 1990. Each chapter on each country contains essays, statistics, economics, social welfare, education, religion, media, transportation, and tourism.

Zonis, Marvin and Dwight Sealer. The East European Opportunity: The Complete Business Guide and Sourcebook. New York: Wiley, 1992. $49.95. ISBN: 0-471-54734-4.

This source provides coverage of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and the former republics of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. The data is provided in two sections. Section one reviews the politics, history, and economics for each country, provides a diagram of each country's governmental structure, and a list of further readings. Section two provides data and vital statistics on topics such as agriculture, communications and transport, and the labor force. An additional bibliography plus subject and name indexes are provided.

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BNA's Eastern Europe Reporter. Washington, D.C.: Bureau of National Affairs, 1231 25th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037. Biweekly. $795/year. Telephone: 1-800-372-1033.

Features items on foreign investment incentives; efforts by industry groups, foreign governments, and multilateral organizations to assist investment and business activity; and U.S. government policy affecting investment in Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Country-by-country reports will be supplemented with examination of issues as they affect the entire region. The report wil also include general developments, markets and deals, and analysis and opinion articles, texts of major laws and regulations, directories of government and business contacts, and special analytical reports.

Business Eastern Europe. New York, NY: Business International Limited, 215 Park Avenue, South, New York, NY 10003. Weekly. $1100/year. Telephone: 1-212-460-0600; Fax: 1-212-995-8837.

A weekly newsletter providing business information on Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Republics. Regular features include what's new in your industry, focus on finance, business travel, business outlooks, political risk, and company case study.

East Europe/Soviet Union Executive Guide. Concord, MA: WorldTrade Executive. Monthly. $576/year. Telephone: 1-401-454-2000; Fax 1 401-454-2005.

Features issues such as the development of real estate projects, taxation problems, investment climate, foreign currency issues, privatization laws, and free enterprise zone regulations.

East European Finance Update. New York, NY: Business International Limited. Quarterly. $1095/year.

Coverage of East-West trade includes aid sources and regional development funds for international finance; economic, banking and financial markets and systems for each country; and countertrade and payment techniques with Eastern Europe and the USSR.

Eastern Europe Business Bulletin. Washington, D.C.: Eastern Europe Business Information Center, U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. Bimonthly. Contact the EEBIC for additional information.

Provides articles on current events, trade leads, and contacts. A "Regional Corner" section highlights business opportunities in specific regions of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A "Trade and Investment Opportunities" section provides leads for all U.S. companies to bid on projects. Also includes a section listing upcoming trade and investment promotion events in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States.

Insight East European Business Report. London, England: Insight International Publishing, Ltd. Arkleigh Mansions, Brent Street, Hendon, London NW4 1 BH, England. Monthly. Telephone: (081) 203-1883; Fax: (081) 203-4740.

This is an English language newsletter about political, economic and business affairs in Eastern Europe. Seeks to provide accurate updates with regard to political, economic and legal changes throughout the east European region, exclusive interviews with prominent figures within the sector, reports on the experiences of leading western businesses, particulars of east European businesses seeking Western partners, and details of reliable professional advisors based within the area.

Russian Economic Trends. London: Russian Centre for Economic Reform with the assistance of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics; orders for North American sales handled by Whurr Publishers Ltd, P.O. Box 1897, Lawrence, KS 66044-8897. Quarterly. $275. ISSN: 0967-0793. Telephone: 1-800-627-0629; Fax: 1-913-843-1274.

This journal was launched in 1992 and provides a comprehensive insight into the health of the Russian economy. Each issue contains the latest quarter's economic statistics.

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bullet Focusing on New Markets: Implications for U.S. Business
BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 1993

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