Focusing on New Markets: Implications for U.S. Business


BRASS Program, American Library Association Annual Conference
June 28, 1993
New Orleans, LA

Guest Speakers:

Ruperto Chavarri
International Trade Center
Center for Economic Development
University of New Orleans
Topic: Mexico/NAFTA

Betty Tonglao
Seattle Public Library
Topic: Pacific Rim

Jeanie Welch
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Topic: Eastern Europe

North American Free Trade Area

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American Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory. American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, Lucerna 78, Col. Juarez, 06600 Mexico D.F. Telephone: 5/705-0995; Fax: 5/535-3166.

Provides coverage of the approximately 2,900 Chamber members.

Bancomext Trade Directory of Mexico. Dallas, TX: Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior S.N.C.; distributed by Bancomext, c/o Market Entry, 2651 North Harwood Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75201. $105 (3rd ed.); $350 computerized version. Telephone: 1-214-871-3184; Fax: 1-214-220-2112.

This source profiles more than 3,500 Mexican exporters and is arranged in three parts: an alphabetical list of exported products, harmonized product classification system, and trading firms, listed alphabetically.

Directory of Public Companies in Canada. Toronto, Ontario: Micromedia Limited, 20 Victoria Street, Toronto, Canada M5C 2N8. Biannual. $125. ISSN: 1183-6814. Telephone: 1-416-362-5211; Fax: 1-416-362-6161.

Locate corporate and financial profiles for approximately 2,500 companies. The data provided includes address; telephone and fax numbers; description of principal activities; high, low and closing stock prices for the year; and two years' worth of financial data. Contains an index of all the companies grouped by two-digit SIC codes. Also includes a reproduction of the Canadian Business 500 rankings of corporations plus a corporate news index of articles published in Canadian newspapers, periodicals, and journals.

Dun's Latin America's Top 25,000 Companies. Parsippany, NJ: Dun & Bradstreet, Three Sylvan Way, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Annual. $340. ISBN: 1-56203-133-3; ISSN: 0742-9649. Telephone: 1-800-526-0651.

A comprehensive directory of companies operating in Latin America, including Mexico. Each entry includes the address, year started, SIC code(s), brief description of the company's business, contacts, sales, number of employees, and the Duns number. Source includes two indexes: businesses by product classification and businesses listed alphabetically.

Fraser's Canadian Trade Directory. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Maclean Hunter, 777 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada M5W 1A7. Annual. $165. ISSN: 0071-9277. Telephone: 1-416-596-5086; Fax: 1-416-593-3201.

This four-volume set arranges information by product category, then alphabetically by company name. Information provided includes the company's address, telephone number, and fax number.

Mexico-Export-Business to Business Directory. Directorio Internacionales, S.A. de C.V. Oficinas Generales: Av. Nuevo Leon No. 96-20 Col. Hipodromo, 06100 Mexico D.F. Annual. Telephone: 553-73-91 or 286-71-84.

Contains yellow pages that include listings by products and services.

Solunet's Twin Plants Directory. El Paso, TX: Solunet Publishers, 4416 North Mesa, El Paso, TX 79902; distributed in the United States by Harris Publishing Company, 2057 Aurora Road, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087. $89.95 for each volume, $250 for the set; $595 for the diskette. Telephone: 1-800-888-5900; Fax: 1-800-643-5997.

This three volume set provides coverage of the Baja Coast region, Central Corridor region, and Rio Grande Gulf and Lower Pacific region Mexican maquiladora markets. For over 2000 twin plants, each entry includes the company name, address, telephone, parent company information, product description, SIC codes, and a contact name. Indexes include a twin plants master index, parent companies master index, and a products/services master index.

U.S.-Mexico Trade Pages. Washington, D.C.: The Global Source Inc., 1730 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006. $49.95 Telephone: 1-202-429-5582; Fax: 1-202-331-3759.

This source contains a wealth of information including trade profiles for each state in Mexico and the United States. Contains Mexican and U.S. federal and state international trade resource contacts; associations; trade fairs; and a listing of newsletters, publications, and databases relating to U.S.-Mexico trade. Call 1-800-366-5968 to order this publication.

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Banamex Information Center. Banco Nacional de Mexico, Andres Bello No. 45 10o. Piso. 11560 Mexico, D.F., Mexico. Telephone: 1-800-544-3971 or 1-800-922-6263 (from the USA); 1-800-544-3971 (from Canada); Fax: 1-525-203-0840.

The Center is part of the International Area of Banco Nacional de Mexico, Mexico's largest bank. The Center will provide information for varying fees on Mexican companies, Mexican trade statistics, financial references on Mexican companies, directory-type information, and market guides. This information can be provided by electronic mail. Fees vary per request.

Export Hotline-The Hotline Electronic Directory. International Strategies Inc., 260 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110. Telephone: 1-800-USA-XPORT.

This service provides a direct channel to communicate with potential buyers, sellers, or distributors. Businesses from the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be able to call the HOTLINE, enter a four-digit harmonized code of the product or service they wish to buy or sell, and instantly receive back on their fax the profiles of companies matching their code. There is annual fee of $35.00 to list your company.

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Access Mexico: Emerging Market Handbook & Directory. Arlington, VA: Access Mexico, 307 North Bryan Street, Suite 1800, Arlington, VA 22201. Irregular. $239. ISBN: 1-881765-00-8. ISSN: 1064-928i-X. Telephone: 1-703-525-3282. Fax: 1-703-525-DATA.

Includes background information about the Mexican business environment neatly displayed in over 200 charts and graphs, profiles of over 100 major companies, and analysis of Mexican industries. Provides a bilingual dictionary and a glossary of Mexican business and government acronyms. In addition, the directory lists the names of 1000 maquiladora factories.

Mexico Company Handbook. Rio de Janeiro: IMF-Editoria Ltda; distributed in the U.S. by Reference Press, 6448 Highway 290 E., Suite E-104, Austin, Texas 78723. Annual. $29.95. ISBN: 1-878753-11-8. Telephone: 1-800-486-8666. Fax: 1-512-454-9401.

Provides coverage of almost 100 of Mexico's largest public companies and 76 mutual funds. Corporate information includes background data; names of officers; main markets and competition; percentage breakdown of sales; per share data; balance sheet data, income statement data, and ratios for five years. Includes company and mutual fund indexes.

Hufbauer, Gary Clyde and Jeffrey J. Schott. North American Free Trade: Issues and Recommendations. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Institute for International Economics. $30. ISBN: 0-88132-199-0. Telephone: 1-800-229-3266; Fax: 1-202-328-5432.

The authors examine the objectives of the United States, Mexico, and Canada in the NAFTA negotiations; the potential shape and contents of the agreement (including dispute-settlement and institutional issues); its possible extension to third countries; and its implications for multicultural trade negotiations and the GATT.

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ATI-NET. California Agricultural Technology Institute, School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, California State University-Fresno, Fresno, CA 93740. Telephone: 1-209-278-4872.

ATI-NET, the Advanced Technology Information Network, is a computer-based, comprehensive information system designed to serve California's agricultural community. It includes over 500 information categories organized under 16 sixteen headings, including Agricultural Trade Information (including Trade Leads). Use of ATI-NET is free except for any regular toll charges and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ATTISNET. Houston, TX: Advanced Technology for Trade Information and Services (ATTIS), 4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 107, Houston, TX 77027. Telephone: 1-800-332-8847.
A comprehensive, computerized source for updated information concerning Mexico. Includes 170 sources of menu-driven information, 365 days a year.
XPORTNOW. Seffner, FL: C.W. Thomae, Inc., P.O. Box 1056, Seffner, FL 33584-1056. Telephone: 1-813-681-3105.
A subscription service, which delivers on computer diskette for $200 per year, U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Opportunities Program leads of foreign companies needing American products.

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Business Latin American. Weekly. New York, N.Y.: Business International Corp., 215 Park Avenue, South 10003. Weekly. ISSN: 0007-6800. Telephone: 1-212-460-0600; Fax: 1-212-995-8837.

This publication focuses on the political and economic events transpiring in the Latin American region, including Mexico.

Business Mexico. Monthly. Mexico, D.F., Mexico: American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, A.C., Lucerna 78, Col. Juarez, Del. Cuarihtemoc 06600. $114/year. ISSN: 0187-1455. Telephone: 1-525-705-0995; Fax: 1-525-703-2911 or 1-525-703-3908.

Coverage includes industry, finance, management, and statistical data of leading indicators. Articles and commentaries included.

The Link: Mexico's Business Monitor. Houston, TX: Advanced Technology for Trade Information. 4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 107, Houston, Texas 77027. Monthly. Telephone: 1-800-332-8847; Fax: 1-713-993-9139.

Coverage of current events in Mexico and its economic foreign relationships with the United States.

Mexico Business Monthly. Maplewood, NJ: Department G. 52 Maple Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 07040. Monthly. $75 year/academics; $150 year/institutions. ISSN: 1054-2663. Telephone: 1-800-766-3949; Fax: 1-201-762-9585.

This publication reports on trade, business, and investment news.

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1993 New Orleans Conference Program Planning Committee
Joanne A. Kosanke, Chair, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
Paul Deane, Oak Park Public Library
Tom Diamond, Louisiana State University
Marilyn Hankel, University of New Orleans
William R. Kinyon, Georgia State University
Katherine S. Laurence, Cornell University
Anne Thatcher, Seattle Public Library

bullet Focusing on New Markets: Implications for U.S. Business
BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 1993

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