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BRASS preconference, June 26, 1998


International Financial Information:
From the Source to your Desktop

Ruth A. Pagell
Director, Center for Business Information
Emory University
Site URL Notes
National Registration Bodies
Companies House http://www.companies-house.gov.uk All UK Lt companies - fee based access
Institute of National Statistics http://www.insee.fr limited English information
Company Financials - Official Sources
Canadian Stock Exchange http://www.sedar.com Image documents
U.S. SEC http://www.sec.gov very limited 20-Fs
Bank of New York http://www.researchmag.com/company/alpha.htm ADR Directory
J P Morgan http://adr.com ADR Information
Company Financials - Commercial Sources
Amadeus (bVD) http://amadeus.bvdep.com/default.htm Subscription access to 150,000 Eur cos
Disclosure http://www.disclosure.com Subscription
Onesource http://www.onesource.com Subscription
Moodys http://www.fisonline.moodys.com Subscription
Hemmington Scott http://www.hemscott.co.uk/hemscott UK Equities Direct - free access to UK financials
S & P Global Vantage http://www.compustat.com Brief Publications Information
SCRL http://www.scrl.com
Company Annual Reports on the Web
Japan Company Record http://www.japancompanyrecord.com Individual web site with Japanese filings
Yahoo http://www.yahoo.com/business/companies Index to companies' home pages
Worldclass Supersite http://web.idirect.com/~tiger Access to Country sites
Emerging Markets
Internet Securities http://www.securities.com
BradyNet http://www.bradynet.com/newissue.html
Emerging Markets Companion http://www.emgmkts.com
Intl Finance Company http://www.ifc.org
Commercial Sources - Capital Market Data
Datastream http://www1.datastream.com/quotes/equity1.htm free daily intl equities
Reuters http://www.reuters.com Beta Test New Site
Bloomberg Personal http://www.bloomberg.com News, equity market and subscrip
International Filings Guide http://www.disclosure-investor.com/
Morgan Stanely http://www.ms.com/main/link10.html free site - charts
International Indexes http://www.ft.com/stocks also subscription service
Selected Stock Exchanges
Intl Org of Securities Commissions http://www.iosco.org
African Stock Exchange Guide http://mbendi.co.za/exaf.htm
Asian Stock Market http://www.qualisteam.com/eng/actas.html
Asian Stock Market Closing http://www.asia-inc.com/lippo/index.html
Australia Stock Exchange http://www.asx.com.au/
Austrian Stock Exchange http://www.wbag.at/
Bank of Ireland, U.K. http://www.treasury.boi.ie Country profiles, economic data, Ireland
Budapest Stock Exchange http://www.fornax.hu/fmon/index.html
Chile Stock Exchange http://www.bolsantiago.cl
Costa Rica Stock Exchange http://prometeo.cool.co.cr/usr/bev/index.html
Croatia Stock Exchange - Zagreb http://www.zse.hr
Czech Prague Stock Exchange http://stock.eunet.cz/bcpp_e.html
European Stock Exchanges http://www.qualisteam.com/eng/acteu.html
Finland Stock Exchange http://www.hse.fi/english_index.html
France (in French) - Bourse http://www.bourse-de-paris.fr/
France Bourse http://apollo.wu-wien.ac.at/cgi-bin/boerse1.pl
Israel Stock Exchange http://www.globes.co.il
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange http://www.tase.co.il/
Italy Stock Exchange http://www.borsaitalia.it
Jamaica Stock Exchange http://www.jamstockex.com
Japan Nagoya Stock Exchange http://www.iijnet.or.jp/nse-jp/e-home.htm
Japan Stock Exchange http://www.tse.or.jp/eindex.html
Maylasia Stock Exchange http://www.jaring.my/star/klse/klse.html
Mexican Stock Exchange http://www.bmv.com.mx
Montreal Stock Exchange http://www.me.org
Norway Stock Exchange http://www.ose.no
Peru Stock Exchange http://www.bvl.com.pe/homepage2.html
Rio de Janerio Stock Exchage http://www.bvrj.com.br
Russia Stock Exchange http://www.fe.msk.ru/infomarket/rtsb/ewelcome.html
Singapore Stock Exchange http://www.ses.com.sg
Slovenia Stock Exchange http://www.ljse.si/
Spain Stock Exchange http://www.bolsamadrid.es/
Taiwan Stock Exchange http://www.tse.com.tw/
UK London Intl Financial Futures and Options http://www.liffe.com/
UK Stock Exchanges http://www.stockex.co.uk/aim/index.htm
World Mergers & Acquisitions Network http://www.wdn.com Subscription

©Ruth Pagell. Distributed from the BRASS website with permission.

bullet Going Global: Business and Government Information Partnering
BRASS Preconference, ALA Annual Conference, June 26, 1998

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