Going Global: Business and Government Information Partnering


BRASS preconference, June 26, 1998

Global Trade & Labor:
The Role of International Governments

Stephen M. Hayes
Business Services Librarian
University of Notre Dame


  • Basic information
  • Read Ruth’s book -- this presentation is not a substitute!!
  • Sample of resources

Basic General Titles

  • Statistical Yearbook
  • NTDB/Globus
    • Country Commercial Guides
    • Industry Sector Reports

Documentation and Manuals

  • Needed with statistics
  • Standard International Trade Classification
  • Cross-classification tables

Cross-Classification Tables

[Graphic: STAT-USA web page, "Search the Entire NTDB"]

Cross-Classification Tables


Trade - Basic Sources

  • International Trade Statistics Yearbook
    • vol. 1 Trade by Country
    • vol. 2 Trade by Commodity

Trade - More Detailed

  • Direction of Trade
  • Foreign Trade by Commodities
  • External Trade, Analytical tables. Export
  • External Trade, Analytical tables. Import

Trade - Electronic Sources

  • Globus/NTDB
    • U.S. Exports by Commodity
    • U.S. Exports by Country

Labor - Basic Sources

  • Handbook of Labor Statistics
  • Monthly Labor Review
  • Foreign Labor Trends
  • Social Europe

Labor - More Detailed

  • Yearbook of Labour Statistics
  • Bulletin of Labour Statistics

Labor - Electronic Sources

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics ( http://stats.bls.gov)
  • Globus/NTDB
    • Country Commercial Guides
      • see “investment climate”
    • Industry Sector Analysis

Electronic Datafiles

  • OECD
    • Direction of Trade - tape
    • ITCS : International Trade by Commodities Statistics (cd-rom)
  • Datastream
    • labor
    • trade

Datastream - Labour series

[Graphic: Datastream screen, "Datastream Codes - Economic Series"]

Datastream - Trade series

[Graphic: Datastream screen, "Datastream Codes - Economic Series"]


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bullet Going Global: Business and Government Information Partnering
BRASS Preconference, ALA Annual Conference, June 26, 1998

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