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June 27, 1994
Miami, Florida



Alston, Patricia G. "Environrnent Online: The Greening of Databases. Part 2. Scientific and Technical Databases." Database 14 (Oct. 1991), 34-52.*

Alston, Patricia G. and Frederick W. Stoss. "Environment Online: The Greening of Databases. Part 3. Business and Regulatory Inforrnation." Database 15 (Aug. 1992), 17-35.*

Reid, Richard C. "How Green Was My Library: A Business Librarian's Guide to the New Environmental Literature." Business and Finance Division Bulletin 89 (Winter 1992), 20-27.

Stoss, Frederick W. "Environment Online: The Greening of Databases. Part 1. General Interest Databases." Database 14 (Aug. 1991), 13-27.*

*Note: These three articles are available as a book: Environment Online: The Greening of Databases, Wilton, CT: Eight Bit Books, 1992.

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Bennett, Steven. Corporate Realities & Environmental Truths: Strategies for Leading Your Business in the Environmental Era. NewYork: John Wiley, 1993. ISBN 0-471-53073-5. $24.95.

Bennett, Steven J. Ecopreneuring: The Complete Guide to Small Business Opportunities from the Environmental Revolution. New York: John Wiley, 1991. ISBN 0-471-53074-3. $17.95.

Berle, Gustav. The Green Entrepreneur: Business Opportunines That Can Save the Earth and Make You Money. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1991. ISBN 0-8306-0600-9. $14.95.

Cohn, Susan. Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment. Washington, DC: Island Press, 1992. ISBN 1-55963-174-0. $16.

Hawken, Paul. The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability. New York: HarperCollins, 1993. ISBN 0-88730-655-1. $23.

Kinlaw, Dennis C. Competitive & Green: Sustainable Performance in the Environmental Age. San Diego: Pfeiffer, 1993. ISBN 0-89384-227-3. $21.95.

Westerman, Marty. The Business Environmental Handbook. Grants Pass, OR: Oasis Press, 1993. ISBN 1-55571-163-4. $19.95.

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Directories and Reference Sources

Access EPA. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1993. Telephone (202) 783-3238. ISBN 0-16-041867-4. S/N 055-000-00437-A. $24.

Directory of EPA and public sector environmental resources. Includes hotlines, clearinghouses, databases, and bulletin boards.

Beacham's Guide to Environmental Issues and Sources. Washington, DC: Beacham Publishing. Telephone (202) 234-0977. ISBN 0-933833-31-8. 5 volumes, $240.

"Comprehensive database of sources (from books to technical reports to videos) related to environmental issues worldwide. The set begins by discussing the Council on Environmental Quality's 1992 environmental assessment and then moves on to examine virtually every conceivable topic related to the environment. Contains more than 40,000 citations." ( Library Journal 12/93)

Environment Abstracts Annual. New Providence, NJ: Bowker A&I Publishing. Telephone (800) 521-8110; fax (908) 771-7725. $1070.

Indexing and abstracting service for environmental literature. Includes subject, geographic, author, industry, and source indexes. Some articles are available full-text on Envirofiche set or through document delivery.

Environmental Industries Marketplace: A Guide to U.S. Companies Providing Environmental Regulatory Compliance Products and Services. Detroit: Gale Research, 1992. Telephone (800) 877-GALE. ISBN 0-8103-8569-4. $190.

Contact people and descriptive listings on almost 11,000 companies.

Gale Environmental Sourcebook: A Guide to Organizanons, Agencies, and Publications. Edited by Karen Hill and Annette Piccirelli. Detroit: Gale Research, 1994. Telephone (800) 877-GALE. ISBN 0-8103-8510-4. $80.

Excellent "first place to look" for directories, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, videos, databases, organizations, etc.

Jessup, Deborah Hitchcock. Guide to State Environmental Programs. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs, 1990. Telephone (800) 372-1033. ISBN 0-87179-655-4. $62.

Good resource for information at the state level.

Rittmer, Don. Ecolinking: Everyone's Guide to Online Environmental Information. Berkeley, CA: Peachpit Press, 1992. Telephone (510) 548-4393. ISBN 0-938151-35-5. $18.95.

Guide to Usenet, Internet, bulletin boards, commercial online services, and CD-ROMs.

Statistical Record of the Environment. Compiled and edited by Arsen Darnay. Detroit: Gale Research, 1994. Telephone (800) 877XALE. ISBN 0-8103-8863-4. $105.

Wealth of statistics relevant to environmental industries: from air quality trends to pesticides in groundwater to material handling equipment costs, etc.

Wasik, John F. Green Company Resource Guide. Wauconda, IL: New Consumer Institute, 1992. Telephone (708) 526-0522. ISBN 0-9632532-0-4. $49.95.

Similar to Gale's Environmental Sourcebook, but on a much smaller scale. Most useful sections cover magazines, newsletters, and trade organizations.

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Electronic Resources

Briggs-Erickson, Carol and Toni Murphy (Version 1.0, 1993, September-December). A Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet [Online]. Available FTP: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: environment:murphybriggs Available Telnet: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: Environment; T.Murphy, C.Briggs-Erickson
CIESIN Global Change Information Network [Online]. University Center, Ml: Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN). Available Telnet:

CIESIN was created to address environmental data management issues raised by the U.S. Congress, the Administration, and the advisory arms of the federal policy community. CIESIN's mission is to facilitate access to, use and understanding of global change information world wide. CIESIN is a private, nonprofit corporation, headquartered in Saginaw, MI. The consortium is open to academic, government, public, and private organizations interested in collecting, integrating, improving access to, disseminating, and understanding data on the physical and human dimensions of global change.

E: the Environmental Magazine [Online]. Norwalk, CT: Earth Action Network. Available Telnet: Directory: Electronic Newsstand/AIl Titles Listed Alphabetically/Titles from A to F File:E

Selected articles from this print magazine are provided by the Electronic Newsstand(tm), available through this gopher server. E: The Environmental Magazine premiered in 1990, responding to growing public concern for the environment. The magazine acts as a clearinghouse of inforrnation, news, and commentary on environmental issues. E has been twice cited by the media-watch organization, "Project Censored," for investigative reporting on top issues "overlooked or underreported by the national news media." E is published bimonthly, printed in full color on recycled paper.

EcoGopher [Online]. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia, Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources. Available Telnet:

EcoGopher is owned and operated by the UVa's Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources. Its purpose is to facilitate access to environmental information produced by a variety of environmental agencies and organizations by providing a central location for these organizations to store data to be distributed. It is a work in progress.

EcoNet [Online]. San Francisco, CA: Institute for Global Communication. Available Telnet: Directory: environment

EcoNet(tm) is a fee-based environmental e-mail network providing access to the Internet. EcoNet(tm) maintains a public gopher server for access to its environmental archives. EcoNet(tm) is a member the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and a subsidiary of the Institute for Global Communications (IGC). IGC is a division of the Tides Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Other IGC subsidiaries are PeaceNet, ConflictNet, and LaborNet. EcoNet(tm) seeks to build coalitions and partnerships with activist and non-profit organizations to develop the use of the electronic communications medium.

EnviroLink Network [Online]. Pittsburgh, PA: The Network. Available Telnet:

The EnviroLink Network claims to be "the largest on-line environmental information service on the planet, reaching well over 400,000 people in 93 countries ... all services provided by the EnviroLink Network are FREE to the user and are available for anyone that wishes to use them." EnviroLink Network includes: EnviroFreenet, a telnet-accessible environmental information service; mailing lists; archives; EnviroGopher; and EnviroFTP. EnviroProducts is a service of EnviroLink Network, which consists of advertisements of environmentally responsible products and services.

Environment and Ecology Directory [Online]. Houston, TX: Rice University. Available Telnet: Directory: Information by Subject Area/Environment and Ecology

The gopher server at Rice University provides subject access to a wide variety of gopher servers. The program which merges these gopher directories is updated weekly--check this site periodically to find out about new sites.

Gopher Jewels Environment Directory [Online]. Austin, TX: Texas Department of Commerce, Office of Advanced Technology. Available Telnet: Directory: Other Gophers and Information Resources/Gopher Jewels/Environment

Gopher Jewels is the best place to learn about new gopher servers. You can also subscribe to GOPHERJEWELS@EINET.NET to share interesting gopher finds with fellow gopher burrowers.

Great Lakes Information Network [Online]. Ann Arbor, MI: Great Lakes Commission. Available Telnet: Directory: The Great Lakes Information Network

The Great Lakes Informahon Network (GLIN) is a two-year pilot project to establish a binational data and information service spanning environmental quality, resource management, transportation, demographic, and economic development data, information, and resources in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and Canada. It is being developed under the guidance of the Great Lakes Commission, an Interstate compact agency of the Great Lakes states, with technical and networking assistance provided by CICNet, the region's Intemet-access provider. Funding was provided by the Ameritech Foundation.

GreenGopher, a Greens Resource [Online]. Kansas City, MO: National Clearinghouse, Committees of Correspondence. Available Telnet: Directory:Education the EcoGopher Environmental Library/GreenGopher, a Greens Resource

This is an effort to link grassroots environmental organizations in the United States through regional "committees of correspondence" with a kinship to Green Parties in other countries. GreenGopher has several excellent bibliographies (books, U.S. periodicals, non-U.S. periodicals) which focus on alternative press publications on the environment.

Gumprecht, Blake (2nd Edition, 1994, February 26). Internet Sources of Government Informahon (Environment Section) [Online]. Available FTP: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: government:gumprecht Available Telnet: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: Government lnformation; B.Gumprecht Available e-mail: MAILSERVER@RTFM.MIT.EDU Message: Get USENET/NEWS.ANSWERS/US-GOVT-NET-POINTERS/PART1
Online Library System (OLS) [Online]. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Available Telnet:

OLS is a computerized list of bibliographic citations compiled by the EPA library network. These citations are collected from many sources; therefore, the items listed are not necessarily available in all EPA Libraries or subject to loan. The EPA provides this system at no charge to support public access to environmental information. EPA databases available through the OLS include: National Catalog, Hazardous Waste, and Environmental Financing Information Network.

Phelps, Anda (1994, March). Selected Bibliography of Sources of Environmental Information on the Internet (University of British Colurnbia, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies) [Online]. Available FTP: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: environment:phelps Available Telnet: Directory: inetdirsstacks File: Environment; A.Phelps
Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy (SCERP) [Online]. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah, College of Social and Behavioral Science. Available Telnet: Directory:Department of Geography/SCERP

SCERP is a consortium of five U.S. and four Mexican academic institutions formed for the purpose of addressing environmental issues along the U.S.-Mexico border, including commercial activities like containment, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes. The SCERP gopher was established to disseminate information to public and private organizations about projects undertaken by the consortium.

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Journals and Newsletters

BNA's National Environment Watch. Washington, DC: Bureau of National Affairs. Telephone (202) 452-4200. Weekly, $440/yr.

Notification and reference service for industry executives covering the full spectrum of legislative, administrative, judicial, industrial, and technological developments, both statewide and international, affecting pollution control and environmental protection.

Business and the Environment. Arlington, MA: Cutter Information. Telephone (617) 648-8700. Twice monthly, $397/individuals; $197/universities.

Covers corporate initiatives to protect the environment. Includes product development, process redesign, packaging, business strategy, response to changing regulatory environment.

E: The Environmental Magazine. Norwalk, CT: Earth Action Network. Bimonthly, $20/yr.

Provides information on current environmental issues. Selected articles from this print magazine are available on the Intemet ( see listing in Electronic Resources section).

Environment. Washington, DC: Heldref Publications. Telephone (202) 296-6267. 10 issues per year. $31/individuals; $62/institutions.

Journal of the Scientists' Institute for Public Information.

Environment & Development. Chicago: American Planning Association. Telephone (312) 955-9100. Monthly, $40/yr.
Environment Today. McLean, VA: Enterprise Communications. Telephone (703) 448-0336. $42.

For top executives, plant site management, environmental engineers, scientific professionals, and consulting engineers serving business and government facilities engaged in controlling air, water, and ground pollution and hazardous waste.

Environment Week. Washington, DC: King Publishing Group. Telephone (202) 638-4260. Weekly, $690/yr.

Covers environmental policy debates in the United States and abroad for senior level business executives.

Environmental Action. Takoma Park, MD: Environrnental Action. Telephone (301) 891-1106. Quarterly, $25/individuals; $35/institutions.

Publishes current news, analysis and resources for action on the key environmental issues facing the country.

Environment Business Journal. San Diego: Environmental Business Publishing. Telephone (619) 295-7658.

Activities in the environmental and pollution generating industries to minimize environmental effects.

Environmental Management. New York: Springer-Verlag Journals. Telephone (212) 460-1500. $221.50/yr.

International journal for decision-makers and scientists.

Environmental Manager. New York: Executive Enterprises Publications. Telephone (212) 645-7880. Monthly, $149/yr.

Features news and case studies dealing with environmental problems such as toxic waste cleanups, waste minimization, underground storage tank leaks, and clean air standards.

EPA Journal. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Public Affairs. Telephone (919) 655-4000. Bimonthly, $8/yr.

Contains general and specialized articles on the protection of land, air, and water.

Journal of Environmental Permitting. New York: Executive Enterprises Publications. Telephone (212) 645-7880. Quarterly, $168/yr.

Discusses air operative, water, and Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) permits. Covers basic permitting issues, including technology assessment, data collection and management, and engineering judgement precedents.

Journal of Environmental Regulation. New York: Executive Enterprises Publications. Telephone (212) 64S-7880. Quarterly, $ 168/yr.

Provides a detailed overview of all major environmental regulations.

Total Quality Environmental Management. New York: Executive Enterprises Publications. Telephone (212) 645-7880. Quarterly, $168/yr.

Discusses the unique application of total quality management to the environmental issues facing business and industry today.

Viewpoints. Washington, DC: Scenic America. Telephone (202) 833-4300. Quarterly, $20/yr.

Presents summary of news, legal decisions, and other developments regarding sign control, view protection, and other aesthetic regulations.

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BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 27, 1994

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