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June 27, 1994
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Directories and Reference Sources

Case Management Resource Guide. Irvine, CA: Center for Consumer Healthcare Information. Annual. Telephone (800) 627-2244; fax (714) 752-8433. ISBN 1-880874-10-5 (4 v. set). $225 (4 v.); $60 for each regional volume. Software version: $295 (regional) without data export capability; $1895 for full U.S. edition with export capability.

A comprehensive directory of healthcare services with over 85,000 entries. Services include homecare, rehabilitation, and homecare and assistive technology product manufacturers. Includes maps, county/city indexes and an alphabetic index.

Corporate Technology Directory. Woburn, MA: Corporate Technology Information Services. 4 v. Annual. ISSN 0887-1930. ISBN 0-936507-98-5. Telephone (617) 932-393, fax (617) 932-6335. $380.

Coverage of emerging high-tech product companies. Volume 1 contains numerous indexes including company name and product. Volumes 2-4 list data alphabetically with name, address, telephone and fax numbers, sales, employees, and a brief description of the business.

Detwiler Directory of Medical Market Sources. Ft. Wayne, IN: S .M. Detwiler and Associates. Annual. Telephone (219) 749-6534; fax (219) 493-6717. ISSN 1058-2797. $195.

Indexes associations, publishers, and market research companies providing medically-related services. An entry includes the name, address, telephone and fax numbers; description of the organization; services offered; subject areas and publications. Includes service, subject, and publications indexes.

Directory of Biomedical and Health Care Grants. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 8th ed. Telephone (800) 279-6799. ISBN 0-89774-768-2. ISSN 0883-5330. $84.50

Descriptions of more than 8,700 research programs, with emphasis placed on foundation and corporate sponsors. Includes subject, sponsoring organizations, and grants by program type indexes.

Directory of Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations. Montvale, NJ: Medical Economics Data. Annual. Telephone (201) 358-7500; fax (201) 573-0440. ISBN 1-56363-062-1. $360.

Coverage of over 550 group purchasing organizations. Data listed alphabetically along with location, telephone numbers, organization officials, institution information, and product categories.

Directory of Hospital Personnel. Montvale, NJ: Medical Economics Data. Annual. Telephone (201) 358-7500; fax (201) 573-0440. ISBN 1-56363-063-X. $310.

Lists over 188,000 healthcare professionals in over 89 departments in 7,000 U.S. hospitals and infirmaries. Organized by state, then city, then entry data. Indexed by hospital name, bed size, and personnel.

Encyclopedia of Medical Organizations and Agencies. Detroit: Gale Research, 5th ed. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-8200-8. ISSN 0743-4510. $205.

Covers organizations, foundations, federal and state government agencies, research centers, and medical and allied health schools.

HIDA Manufacturers' Directory. Northfield, IL: McKnight Medical Communications. Telephone (800) 451-7838; fax (708) 441-3701. $85.
HMO/PPO Directory. Montvale, NJ: Medical Economics Data. Annual. Telephone (201) 358-7500; fax (201) 573-0440. ISBN 1-56363-058-3. $240.

Coverage of medical, dental, vision, and psychiatric organizations participating in over 600 health maintenance organizations and over 900 preferred provider organizations. An entry includes contact information, employer references, and membership numbers.

Medical and Health Information Directory. Detroit: Gale Research, 7th ed. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. $485 (3 v. set; ISBN 0-8103-7868-X; v.l (ISBN 0-8103-7869-8), v.2 (ISBN 0-8103-7870-1), v.3 (ISBN 0-8103-7871-X); each vol. $195.

Comprehensive guide to organizations, agencies, institutions, services and sources in medicine and health-related fields.

Medical and Healthcare Marketplace Guide. Philadelphia: MLR Biomedical Information Services. Annual. Telephone (212) 227-1200; fax (212) 321-2336. ISSN 0416-8022. $595.

Coverage of the medical and healthcare industry with breakdowns by pharmaceuticals, medical devices, ophthalmic products, dental products, and medical services; these five categories are broken down into 256 product/service classes. Includes company, geographical, and executives indexes.

Medical Device Register. Domestic ed. Montvale, NJ: Medical Device Register. 2 v. Annual. Telephone (201) 358-7500; fax (201) 573-0440. ISBN 1-56363-056-7. $299.

Volume I includes a keyword index of standard medical products; trade shows, annual hospital purchasing summary, and product information; and a directory of products. Volume 2 includes supplier profiles, a directory of local dealers, and a trade name and supplier geographical index.

National Directory of HMOs. Washington, DC: Group Health Association of America. Annual. Telephone (202) 778-3200. ISSN 0897-3057. ISBN 0-93616458-1. $125.

Profiles of over 500 HMOs including enrollment statistics, number of facilities and physicians. Data broken down by state, region, and MSAs. Includes an overview of the HMO industry.

Standard Rate and Data Service. Business Publication Advertising Source. Wilmette, IL: SRDS. Monthly. Telephone (800) 323-4601; fax (708) 441-2264. $497.

Provides detailed information on U.S. healthcare publications. Each entry includes name, address, telephone and fax numbers for the publisher, a description of the publication, circulation, and cost.

World Healthcare Directory. London: Euromonitor; distributed in the United States and Canada by Gale Research. Annual. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-86338-467-6. $510.

Contains analyses of recent trends and developments, descriptions of healthcare policies of countries, two-page profiles of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, information sources, and extensive statistical data.

Worldwide Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Desk Reference. New Haven, CT: Technology Management Group. Annual. Telephone (203) 786-5445; fax (203) 786-5449. $225.

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Electronic Resources

Dorenfest 3000+ Database [Online]. (1986- ). Chicago: Sheldon I. Dorenfest. Telephone (312) 464-3000.

Provides data on the information systems used in almost 3,000 U.S. hospitals giving vendors knowledge about what healthcare providers are buying and what the competition is selling.

Hancock, Lee. Internet/Bitnet Health Sciences Resources (March 1994) [Online] . Available FTP: Directory: pub/nic/ File: medical.resources.03-94.

"Interview with Teena L. Lerner, Biotechnology Industry Analyst and Managing Director, Equity Research Department, Lehman Brothers, Inc., New York." Financial Executive Journal 4 (Spring 1994). Available WWW:

University of Minnesota, Bio-Medical Library Gopher [Online]. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, Bio-Medical Library. Available Telnet:

Welch Medical Library Gopher [Online]. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, William H. Welch Medical Library. Available Telnet:

Yale Biomedical Gopher [Online]. New Haven, CT: Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Available Telnet: Directory: Research and library services/More research & library services at Yale and beyond/Other library and information services at Yale

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Journals and Newsletters

BioVenture StockReport. San Mateo, CA: BioVenture Publishing. Telephone (415) 574-7128; fax (415) 574-8319. $149/yr.

Health Care Competition Week (newsletter). Alexandna, VA: Capitol Publications. Telephone (800) 327-7203; fax (703) 739-6517. $417/yr.

Health Care Financing Review. Baltimore: Health Care Financing Administration. Telephone (410) 966-3000. $19/yr.

Health Care Strategic Management (newsletter) and Health Industry Today. Englewood, CO: Business Word. Telephone (800) 328-3211; fax (303) 290-9025. $187/yr.; $277/yr.

Health Care Strategist. South Norwalk, CT: Windhover Information. Telephone (203) 838-4401; fax (203) 838-3214. Price varies by volume. Volume 1: $275; Volume 2: $525.

Healthcare Informatics. Evergreen, CO: Health Data Analysis. Telephone (303) 674-2774; fax (303) 674-3134. $24/yr.

Hospitals and Health Networks. Chicago: American Hospital Publishing. Published twice a month. Telephone (800) 621-6902; fax (312) 951-8491. ISSN 1068-8838. $60/yr.

In Vivo: The Business & Medicine Report. South Norwalk, CT: Windhover Information. Telephone (203) 838-4401; fax (203) 838-3214. $525/yr.

Inside Health Care Reform (newsletter). Washington, DC: Atlantic Information Services. Telephone (202) 775-9008; fax (202) 331-9542. $298/yr.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. Bethesda, MD: American Medical Informatics Association. Telephone (301) 657-1291; fax (301) 657-1296. $102/yr.

MedPRO Month (newsletter). Irvine, CA: Medical Data International. Telephone (714) 251-2780. $775/yr.

Pharmaceutical Strategic Alliance. South Norwalk, CT: Windhover Information. Telephone (203) 838-4401; fax (203) 838-3214. $1995/vol.

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American Hospital Association Guide to the Health Care Field. Chicago: American Hospital Association. Annual. Telephone (800) AHA-2626; fax (312) 280-6105. ISBN 0-87258-639-1. ISSN 0094-8969. $ 195.

Includes statistics about state and U.S. Govemment hospitals. Lists health organizations, agencies, alliances and networks. Includes state and metropolitan area maps and a map index.

American Hospital Association Hospital Statistics. Chicago: American Hospital Association. Annual. Telephone (800) AHA-2626; fax (312) 280-6105. ISSN 0090-6662. ISBN 0-87258-606-5. $125.

Contains 25 statistical tables based on data from the American Hospital Association's Annual Survey of Hospitals. Also contains information about hospital trends and definitions of terms.

Comparative Performance of U.S. Hospitals: The Sourcebook. 1991 ed. Baltimore: Health Care Investment Analysis and Deloitte Touche. Telephone (800) 568-3282; fax (410) 783-0575 (both numbers for Health Care). ISBN 1-880678-01-2. $399.

Financial historical analysis of over 4,800 hospitals for hospital fiscal years starting in 1986 through the end of 1990. Measures of performance include hospital capacity and utilization plus pricing strategies. Includes an index of hospital performance measures.

HCFA Statistics. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Annual. Telephone (410) 597-3933.

Provides significant summary information about health expenditures (e.g., population, providers/suppliers, Medicare and Medicaid) and Health Care Financing Administration programs.

HCIA Guide to Hospital Performance. Baltimore: Health Care Investment Analysis. Telephone (800) 568-3282; fax (410) 783-0575. $995.

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