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BRASS Program
ALA Annual Conference
June 27, 1994
Miami, Florida



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Directories and Reference Sources

Directory of the World as Largest Service Companies. New York: Moody's Investors Service. Irregular. ISSN 1014-850. Telephone (212) 553-0300. $295.

Information on service firms arranged by industry type. Includes directory and financial information, company background, products and markets, and company presence.

Dun's Directory of Service Companies. Parsippany, NJ: Dun & Bradstreet. Annual. ISBN 1-56203-273-9 (1994). ISSN 1040-6395. $525.

Provides name, address, telephone numbers, SIC codes, sales figures, number of employees, ownership date, bank, accountants, and officers of service companies. Includes SIC and geographical indexes.

Hotel & Travel Index. Secaucus, NJ: Reed Travel Group. Quarterly. Telephone (201) 902-1600; fax (201) 319-1628. ISSN 0162-9972. $89.

Lists more than 45,000 hotels, motels, and resorts throughout the world. Information includes address, telephone and fax numbers, number of rooms, accommodations and rates, general manager, credit cards accepted and computer reservation system.

How to Find Information about Service Industries. Washington, DC: Washington Researchers, 3rd ed., 1988. Telephone (202) 333-3533. ISBN 0-934940-93-2. $115.
Service Industries U.S.A.: Industry Analysis, Statistics, and Leading Organizations. Detroit: Gale Research, 1st ad., 1992; 2nd ed., 1994. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-8397-7 (1992), 0-8103-8571-6 (1994). $170.

Provides national, state, city, and metropolitan area data on 150 service industries. Includes general statistics on establishments, employment, payroll, revenue and ownership; indices of change; selected ratios; leading companies; and occupations employed by the industry.

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Journals and Newsletters

Service Industries Journal. London: Frank Cass. Telephone 081-530-7795; fax 081-530-7795. ISSN 0264-2069. $60/yr.

Service Watch: An Inside Washington Report for the Services Sector. Washington, DC: U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Telephone (800) 638-6582, (202) 659-6000; fax (202) 463-5836. Monthly, $75/yr

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Census of Service Industries. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data Users Services Division.

Part of the Economic Census, these publications provide the most detailed information on business activity in the service sector. Covers SIC numbers 70 through 89. Taken every five years in years ending in 2 and 7.

Current Business Reports. Service Annual Survey. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data Users Services Division.

Brief publication updating the Census of Service Industries.

bullet New Engines for America: Uncovering Growth Industry Information for the New Investment Machines
BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 27, 1994

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