New Engines for America: Uncovering Growth Industry Information for the New Investment Machines


BRASS Program
ALA Annual Conference
June 27, 1994
Miami, Florida

Guest Speakers

John A. Rekenthaler, Editor
Morningstar Mutual Funds
Morningstar, Inc.

Phyllis S. Alpert, Manager
Coral Gables Branch
Miami Dade Public Library

Susan M. Detwiler
Detwiler Directory of Medical Market Sources
S. M. Detwiler & Associates

Sharyn J. Ladner, Business Librarian
Richter Library
University of Miami



Emerging Companies/Industries: General Information

Directories and Reference Sources
Electronic Resources
Journals and Newsletters

Service Industries

Directories and Reference Sources
Journals and Newsletters

Medical/Biotechnology Industries

Directories and Reference Sources
Electronic Resources
Journals and Newsletters

Environmental Industries

Directories and Reference Sources
Electronic Resources
Journals and Newsletters


New Engines for America discusses the determination of growth industries with examples from the service, health care, and environmental sectors of the economy. Special emphasis is placed on current implications and trends, new information needs, as well as publications and non-traditional resources generated by these industries.

John Rekenthaler, editor of Morningstar Mutual Funds, begins the program by discussing the process of determining whether an industry is growing and when industry growth is a potential indicator of a high-yield investment. Phyllis Alpert (Miami-Dade Public Library), Susan Detwiler (S.M. Detwiler & Associates), and Sharyn Ladner (University of Miami) continue the discussion with a focus on the publications and resources in these growth industries.

A resource list has been submitted by each speaker. The committee has augmented their lists to provide an extensive bibliography. Neither the speakers nor committee members guarantee or endorse the validity of the resources' content. Please note that as a part of the American Library Association, we cannot and will not endorse any publishers or their products. We provide this bibliography as a research tool for information professionals. Resource prices were listed when available and are subject to change. The electronic resources (FTP, gopher, and Telnet) frequently change and the information we have provided was available at press time.

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Directories and Reference Sources

Current Industrial Reports. Washington, DC: Bureau of the Census, Data Users Services Division. Telephone (301) 763-4100. ISSN 0498-8477.

Monthly, quarterly, or annual reports on over 100 industries. Also available through the Economic Bulletin Board, U.S. Department of Commerce and at the University of Michigan.

Encyclopedia of Business Informahon Sources. Detroit: Gale Research, 9th ed., 1993-94. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-7489-7. ISSN 0071-0210. $245.

Bibliography of sources of industry information and other business topics. Divided into categories including general works, abstracting and indexing services, bibliographies, directories, encyclopedias and dictionaries, periodicals and newsletters, statistics sources, and online sources.

European Market Share Reporter. Detroit: Gale Research, 1993-. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 1-873477-00-7. $152.

European version of the Market Share Reporter.

Gale Directory of Databases. Detroit: Gale Research. Annual. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-5747-X (1994). ISSN 1066-8934. Two volumes,$280.

Discusses the type, content, language, coverage, time span, and online availability of databases. Contains a subject index.

Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies, 1993-94. Austin, TX: Reference Services Press, 1994. Telephone (800) 486-8666; fax (512) 454-9401. ISBN 1-878753-18-5. $32.95.
Market Share Reporter. Detroit: Gale Research, 1991-. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-8185-0 (1994). ISSN 1052-9578. $177.

Provides market share data extracted from newspapers, magazines and investment reports. Cites original source as well as the publication from which the information was taken.

Moody's Industry Review. New York: Moody's Investor Service. Telephone (212) 553-0300; fax (212) 553-4700. ISSN 1047-3114. $495.

Provides financial information, operating data, and ratios on approximately 4000 companies in 137 industry groups. Includes comparative statistics and company rankings within industry category. Published biweekly.

Online Manual. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Business, 2nd ad., 1993. Telephone (802) 878-0315; (800) 488-2665. ISBN 0-631-18931-9. $195.

Identifies databases that provide industry information. Includes vendor information.

Small Business Sourcebook: The Entrepreneur's Resource. Detroit: Gale Research, 6th ed., 1993. Telephone (800) 877-GALE; fax (800) 414-5043. ISBN 0-8103-8076-5. Two volumes, $220.

Bibliography of sources of information on 254 specific small businesses and topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Categories include sources on start-up information, primary associations, directories and reference works, trade periodicals, sources of supplies, trade shows and conventions, libraries, research centers, and other resources of interest.

Standard & Poor's Industry Reports. New York: Standard & Poor's. Telephone (212) 208-8000. $255.

Monthly review of 80 industries and over 900 stocks. Includes industry reports, forecasts, investment recommendations, and ratios.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys. New York: Standard &: Poor's. Loose-leaf or quarterly paperback. Telephone (212) 208-8000. ISSN 0196-4666. $1300.

An industry "Basic Analysis" examines trends, problems, and industry outlooks and provides current and historical industry statistics, financial ratios, and specific company data. A "Current Analysis" updates the basic information by reviewing recent developments in the industry. The Earnings Supplement lists revenues and earnings of over 1000 companies.

U.S. Industrial Outlook. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Commerce. Annual. Telephone (202) 482-5487; fax (202) 512-2250. $37.

Narrative and statistical information source which provides a snapshot of 350 industries. Discusses the industry as a whole as well as segments of the industry. Covers the current situation and provides short- and long-term projections. Also available on the National Trade Data Bank.

Value Line Investment Survey. New York: Value Line Publishing. Telephone (212) 687-3965; fax (212) 338-9623. ISSN 0042-2401. $525.

Popular investment publication that analyzes over 95 industries and specific companies within each industry. Narrative and statistical information provide an overview of historical and expected performance.

Who Knows About Foreign Industries and Markets. Washington, DC: Washington Researchers. Annual. Telephone (202) 333-3533. ISSN 1052-4134. $85.

Provides addresses and telephone numbers of government analysts on foreign industries and products.

Who Knows About Industries and Markets. Washington, DC: Washington Researchers. Annual. Telephone (202) 333-3533. ISSN 1042-0215. $85.

Provides addresses and telephone numbers of government analysts on specific industries and products.

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Electronic Resources

Business Dateline [Online and CD-ROM]. (1985- ). Louisville, KY: UMI. Telephone (800) 626-2823, (502) 583-4111; fax (502) 589-5572.

Provides selected complete texts of over 350 U.S. and Canadian regional business publications. Covers company information, products, and regional business trends.

Dow Jones News/Retrieval [Online]. Princeton, NJ: Dow Jones. Telephone (800) 522-3567, (609) 451-1511; fax (609) 520-4775.

Contains over 70 data bases including Zacks Earning Estimator, Investext, Media General Financial Services, and many other company and investment databases.

EDGAR [Online]. (1994- ) Washington, DC: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Available Directory: SEC EDGAR.

EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System project to investigate how such large data archives can be made easily available to the general public. EDGAR allows companies to make required filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via direct transmission, diskette, or magnetic tape. This demonstration project uses the Intemet for public access to the 1994 SEC electronic filings.

Industry Statistics [Online]. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Libraries. Available Telnet: Directory: ebb/lndustry Statistics

Includes many files on industry statistics. These files are part of the Economic Bulletin Board electronic service.

Investext [Online]. (July 1982- ). Boston, MA: Thomson Financial Networks. Telephone (800) 662-7878, (617) 345-2000; fax (617) 330-1986.

Provides the complete texts of over 500,000 company and industry reports. Covers over 25,000 publicly-traded companies in 53 industries. Includes financial data and forecasts for over 3000 publicly-held companies and more than 5000 emerging U.S. companies traded over the counter.

LC MARVEL [Online]. Washington, DC: Library of Congress. Available Telnet:

The LC's Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library (MARVEL) "combines the vast collection of information available about the Library with easy access to diverse electronic resources over the Intemet." The Global Electronic Library directory provides additional access to several broad headings such as Economics and Business and Medicine and Psychology.

M.A.I.D. [Online]. (1983- ). London: MAID (Market Analysis and Information Database) Systems. Telephone 071-253 6900; fax 071-253 0060.

Databases containing market information and business intelligence on industries and companies. International in scope.

National Trade Data Bank [CD-ROM]. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Business Analysis. Telephone (202) 482-1966; fax (202) 482-2164. $360/yr.

This product contains time series, tables, documents, analyses, and commentary on U.S. and international imports and exports.

PTS F& S lndexes [Online]. (1972- ). Foster City, CA: Information Access. Telephone (800) 321-6388; fax (415) 358-4759.

Databases consisting of citations and a brief description covering trade journals, newspapers, and business publications. Emphasis on international companies, government regulations, and economic trends. Formerly Predicasts' F & S Indexes.

PTS PROMT [Online]. (1972- ). Foster City, CA: Information Access. Telephone (800) 321-6388; fax (415) 358-4759

Provides abstracts and/or full-text information covering companies, markets, industries, and products. Coverage includes a diverse collection of international trade and business publications. Related product includes F & S Index plus Text in compact disc medium.

Tradeline and Tradeline Internahonal [Online]. New York: IDD Information Services (IDDIS). Telephone (212) 432-0045; fax (212) 321-9617.

Databases cover pricing and distribution information for issues traded on North American securities exchanges and some 90 international securities exchanges.

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Journals and Newsletters

Going Public, the IPO Reporter. New York: Investment Dealers' Digest. Telephone (212) 227-1200. ISSN 0278-0038. Weekly, $900/yr.

Growth Stock Outlook. Bethesda, MD: Growth Stock Outlook. Telephone (301) 654-5205. ISSN 1073-7626. Semi-monthly, $195/yr.

Investor's Business Daily. Los Angeles: Investor's Business Daily. Telephone (310) 207-1832. ISSN 1061-2890. $149/yr.

New Issues. Fort Lauderdale: Institute for Econometric Research. Telephone (305) 563-9000. ISSN 0162-9050. Monthly, $200/yr.

OTC Growth Stock Watch. Brookline, MA: OTC Research Corporation. Telephone (617) 327-8420. ISSN 0892-2632. Monthly, $125/yr.

Standard & Poor's Emerging & Special Situations. New York: Standard & Poor's. Telephone (212) 208-8000. ISSN 0882-5440. Monthly, $210/yr.

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Almanac of Business and Financial Ratios. Dr. Leo Troy, editor. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. Telephone (201) 592-2000. Annual, $29.95.

Financial Studies of the Small Business. Orlando: Financial Research Associates. Telephone (407) 240-0507. Annual, $99.

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios. Parsippany, NJ: Dun & Bradstreet. Telephone (800) 223-0141. Desktop ed.: $220, Complete five volume set: $1890.

RMA Annual Statement Studies. Philadelphia: Robert Morris Associates. Telephone (215) 851-9100. Annual, $17.

Tax and Financial Statement Benchmarks. Neil Sheflin. New York: John Wiley. Telephone (800) 225-5945. Annual, $125.

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BRASS 1994 (Miami) Conference Program Committee
William R. Taylor, Chair, Vanderbilt University
Tom Diamond, Louisiana State University
Glenda S. Neely, University of Louisville
Timothy A. Dixon, BRASS Chair, Edward Lowe Foundation
Susan M. Riehm, Allen County (IN) Public Library
Mary G. Tygett, Central Missouri State University
Gary W. White, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

bullet New Engines for America: Uncovering Growth Industry Information for the New Investment Machines
BRASS Program, ALA Annual Conference, June 27, 1994

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