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Alternative investment has a long and checkered history. Prior to the adoption of the phrase by the banking industry, such diverse commodities as tulip bulbs, orchids, and beanie babies were looked upon by some as a valid alternative investment.

Formalization of the concept resulted in a loose definition based on the idea of movement beyond the traditional stock-bond-commodity investment market. In its most formal sense tangible opportunities to invest in real estate, provide venture capital and speculate in unquoted company shares using a banking intermediary sums up the idea. Private Equity is a term adopted to encompass much of the alternative investment activity when it extends to involvement in limited partnerships or venture investment by companies or individuals who are referred to as "angel investors."

The following is a brief overview of the progression of formal private equity investment in the U.S.

  • American Research and Development (ARD). Pioneer organization promoting alternative investment. 1940’s
  • Venture capital organizations become a reality for wealth management opportunities. 1950’s
  • Small business and the emergence of minority owned business prompts the government to enact. The Small Business Investment Company Act. 1958
  • Opportunities for investment under the Small Business Investment Company Act multiply. 1960-1970’s.
  • Limited partnership legislation opens new avenues for investors. 1960’s
  • Pension fund investment regulation changes permit wider investment by these bodies. 1970-1980’s
  • .com bubble, stock market crash and scandals chill alternative investment activities. 1990’s
  • Hedge fund involvement becomes part of the alternative investment mix. 2000’s


Alternative Investments


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Venture Capital




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Hedge Funds




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Real Estate




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Alternative investments are a dynamic investment group and it creates such a media buzz. Nexis, Factiva and Bloomberg are important databases for tracking developments in this area. Financial publications such as Institutional Investor and trade journals for the real estate industry frequently do special issues devoted to rankings for players in the alternative investment area.

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