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January 10, 1998
New Orleans, La.

Bobray Bordelon

  • Variety of data (due to cost, we want one source to cover as many elements as possible; ideally it should be international and cover all financial markets as well as present economic indicators; the source of data should always be specified)
  • Fixed beginning date or Rolling Period
  • Start Date (should be easy to determine when each series starts)
  • Frequency of data (intraday, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual)
  • Update frequency
  • Variables (price, dividends, returns, volume, fundamentals, Beta, etc.)
  • Downloading capabilities and format (continuous series; text, tab, or comma delimited)
  • Documentation (online, paper)
  • Interface/Ease in finding data
  • Medium of storage and delivery (INTERNET, WEB, modem, CD, tape)
  • Cost
  • Customer Help (1-800 line or responsive e-mail)
  • Lease or Purchase

  • International in scope.
  • Data from 52 countries.
  • Covers equity, mutual fund, and derivative markets.
  • Does not purge data
  • Includes news service
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Drawback is need for their equipment and lack of downloading

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  • International in scope.
  • Data from over 175 equities, futures, and commodities exchanges worldwide and more than 60 countries.
  • 21 days tick data; 10 years daily data; 5 years weekly data; 25 years monthly data; 15 minute delayed data for academic accounts.
  • Complaints about difficulty in using

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  • American and Canadian companies and indexes
  • Industry Aggregates
  • Prices, dividends, and earnings information
  • Line-of-business segment and geographic segment information
  • 20 years of annual data (Can keep back files)
  • 12 years of quarterly data
  • 20 years of monthly market data (prices, dividends, and earnings)
  • 7 years of business and geographic segments
  • The source for fundamental data
  • For use of full product requires some knowledge of UNIX or access to retrieval program

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CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices)

  • Comprehensive collection of standard and derived security data available for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq Stock Market.
  • Historical data spanning from December 1925 to the present.
  • Ability to track a continuous history of securities
  • NYSE monthly begins in December 1925; daily begins in July 1962
  • AMEX monthly & daily begins in July 1962
  • NASDAQ monthly & daily begins in July 1972
  • The CRSP US Government Bond File is available in two frequencies: daily and monthly. The daily product contains data for about 3,100 marketable US Government securities traded in the secondary market and during the when­issued trading period from June 14, 1961 to the present. The monthly product contains data for approximately 5,000 bonds, notes, and bills since 1925.
  • Requires some assistance to use
  • The source for long term U.S. stock data time series

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Datastream International
  • International in scope covering over 60 countries.
  • Does not purge data (except for options where only volume, open interest, and implied volatility are retained)
  • One day delay for data for academic accounts.
  • Covers equity, bond, commodity, futures, and options markets.
  • Most comprehensive coverage of the international financial markets; Provides many variables about the instruments.
  • Could improve by retaining fundamental data and options data

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Dow Jones

  • Primary focus is the United States.
  • Daily quote histories for the past year; Monthly summaries back to 1979; Quarterly summaries back to 1978. (Common and preferred U.S. stocks only).
  • Historical Dow Jones Averages offers daily summaries of industrial, transportation, utility, and 65 stocks composite indexes. Provides high, low, close, and volume-trading information. Stock averages for specific dates are available back to May 24, 1982. Can also request averages for 12-day trading periods back 264 days.
  • Quotes on Commodities, Futures, and Selected Indexes offers current and historical quotes for specific contracts (dating back to January 1970) on more than 150 commodities and financial futures traded on major North American commodity exchanges. Each quote includes the open, high, low, and last prices and the change since the previous day’s settlement.
  • Easy to use; Great United States coverage; includes news service
  • Could improve by keeping all data

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Global Vantage

  • Extensive coverage of the world marketplace.
  • Detailed information for more than 11,000 companies from 70 countries representing Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, along with market data for local market indexes.
  • Allows rapid cross-border analyses on any data or ratios. In-depth financial and market data from 1983 forward on more than 10,000 companies.
  • Currency files with cross-translation tables on more than 100 currencies
  • Pricing data on more than 90 local market indexes
  • Compete histories including income statements, balance sheets, and market data
  • Regular updates
  • The source for international fundamentals

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Berkeley Options Data Base

  • Historical record of trades and quotes, time-stamped to the nearest second, for all standardized contracts traded on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
  • Data begins in August, 1976 and is updated annually.

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NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ) CD-ROM Database

  • Contains intraday transactions data for all securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ.
  • Published monthly. Back issues are available starting January of 1993.

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Institute for the Study of Security Markets

  • Data back to 1983 is available from the Institute for the Study of Security Markets (University of Memphis). For more information, call (901) 678-2893.


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